Expenses Costs to study in Canada

Expenses Costs to study in Canada

One whoever is planning to study in Canada must be aware of all sorts of expenses coming while studying overseas. In this blog, we will share what is the average expense to study in Canada, before applying for a study visa for Canada

Cost of expense to study in Canada

Here is the rough estimate of costs for higher studies in Canada which is being compared with the other best study destinations.

Tuition Fees

Firstly, the prime concern is Tuition fees which vary from institute to institute, or course to course as well. Still, on calculating the average the students have to pay 10,000-40,000 Canadian Dollars annually.


Another concern is an accommodation which depends completely upon your choice of location and type of stays that you prefer as per your taste. Now, the options that you can opt as per your taste are for private, home stay or on-campus accommodation facilities. Here, this will cost you approximately 6,000-8,000 Canadian Dollars annually.


The other expenses are Transportation and health insurance which will come around in 600 Canadian Dollars per year. 

Now, international students are allowed to work for only 20 hours per week, over a student visa for Canada. So, it is highly possible that you will get the job after the first six weeks on-campus spent in studying in Canada universities. After that, you can apply for jobs on and off campus. There, some universities have intensive courses where they allow the students to work for only 12 hours. Because working for longer hours will affect the students’ academic performance.

Now, after the completion of their education, international students can apply for a work permit. Which will allow international students to work in Canada for the duration of a maximum 3-year period.

Scholarships for international students

Now, you can manage your expenses by availing the scholarships to study in Canada for doctoral courses.

Ontario Trillium Scholarship

This scholarship program is specialized for the postgraduate students who wants to pursue the doctorate degree in Ontario, Canada. There is a provision for seven scholarships for the students where each scholarship is worth of 40,000 CAD annually. This will cover the tuition and other expenses for the duration of four year. The renewal of scholarship is possible for the meritorious.

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship

The students wants to study for doctoral courses in different fields at Canadian educational institutes can apply for Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship. This scholarship is worth of 50,000 CAD annually and the duration of this scholarship is of three years. The scholars applying for doctoral courses in the sectors of health research, science and national sciences, social sciences, engineering research etc. are eligible for the scholarships.

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So then, for more detailed information you can get in contact of a study abroad consultants in India. Who can assist you with the scholarships and educate your expense management while you are off board to study in Canada.

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