Get Work Permit, PR VISA and Study VISA for Canada With IELTS

Are you looking for the opportunity to study in Canada then work and live in Canada? If yes then, you need to opt for the IELTS Test. IELTS Test is one of the most important criteria which is needed when you are applying for either study VISA for Canada or work permit or permanent residence in Canada. IELTS is a certified test which proves your English Language proficiency in all four domains Read, Write, Speak and listen.

These days people are keen interested in moving to Canada. There are several people who select Canada as their higher study destination, thus, while applying for a study visa for Canada, they need to submit the IELTS score along with other important documents. This is mandatory criteria to submit the IELTS document along with your application to IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and citizenship Canada). If you are looking for Canadian citizenship then you will need to submit the IELTS score as well.

What is the most appropriate Score for IELTS to get a work permit, PR Visa and study Visa for Canada?

For each criterion, the band score of the IELTS is different.
For study visa for Canada:-
It depends upon the college or university where you are applying to, The college, universities have the liberty to set up their own score bar. Some might prefer 6 or some might go for 7 or 7+.

Preparing for the Test 

The very first step to beat the test is the right guidance and right IELTS preparation. You will need time to prepare yourself. Can look for free resources and study materials online. You can make use of free resources to get ready for it. You can go and look for the best IELTS preparation classes. They can guide you to the perfection of the all four modules IELTS Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening.The official website for IELTS also provides some sample study materials and premium material using which you can prepare for the IELTS test and improve your score in it. 

Another option you have is to find a preparation site where you can select the course package as per your convenience and prepare it online. Practice as many mock tests as possible and get yourself and your preparation evaluated.

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Have you prepared yourself for the IELTS exam? Now, you can contact our IELTS institute in Bareilly to know more about the IELTS preparation. Our dexterous trainers and counselors can help you with your furthermore queries while applying for a study visa for Canada as well.

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