How to prepare for interview to get study visa?

How to prepare for interview to get study visa?

The concept of study visa interview is to evaluate on five important issues. The QnA is determined in such a way where you can be assured enough for your decision to study abroad. So, the central idea of this stage is to make sure that you are going to a country for all good reasons like:

You are going to study at your preferred institute to improve your skill and education and then return to your country. Now to maintain this issue and acquire a study visa, few questions would be more likely to be addressed as

  • What is your purpose to travel abroad? Are you sure about your ability to pursue your program of study?
    Are you able enough and intention to be a full-time student;
  • If you possess adequate funds to cover your tuition and living expenses without requiring unauthorized employment;
  • If you are holding any social or economic terms with your country required then you need to ensure that you will return to your native country after finishing your program; and
  • Its, your call when and where, whether or not you are telling the truth.

How to Prepare for an interview to acquire study visa?

The very first step is to take the proper information on the whole process. There is nominal and free information available on the website of Canada Immigration where you can get all specific details for everything you need to know. The next step that you need to collect all the required documents for your interview. This will comprise:

  • All Documents from your school
  • University or College Acceptance letter
  • Real estate holdings evidence;
  • Proper Evidence of funds;
  • Bank statements;
  • Parents’ employment proofs and positions at home;
  • Business card, if you are a working person.
  • A properly planned Educational plan setting out why you desire to study overseas;
  • Letters from future employers in your country; and
  • Any other documents which prove your ties to your native country.

You need to be familiar with all of the information mentioned in your application form before entering the interview room.

  • During the interview process, Stay honest. The members of the interview panel are pro at catching your lies, if they found that you are hiding something, your application may be rejected. If you do not understand a question instead of answering it ask your visa officers to rephrase it.
  • Rehearse for the interview by considering the criteria mentioned above. Jot down a few paragraphs which address all of these concerns and make sure to keep it sincere, truthful, complete, concise, and persuasive. Now read it to a friend or relative and get their advice.
  • On the other hand, do not attempt to recite your story, else your answers might seem rehearsed and pretentious.

Finally, don’t feel discouraged even if you fail to get the study visa for the first time. Most of the time applicants apply more than once before they get a student visa successfully. So, just address the reasons for refusal in a new application and try again. Proper guidance from study visa consultants can be a huge help to you.

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