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Being a trainer in IELTS training classes in Bareilly. Several students have come to me to ask about the IELTS academic reading. So, here I am jotting down a few of the most common questions that they generally ask. These will help you to prepare with the best strategies to answer some of the trickier IELTS academic reading questions.

Question 1:

Is it needed to read the passage from start to end?

No! There are three long passages and their difficulty level become more strict as further proceeded.the first one seems a bit easier, the second one will be tougher than the first one but easier than third one. If you spent time on the first one then you will run out of time very soon and will have lesser time for next both passage.

Question 2:

Then how can I answer the questions of  IELTS Academic Reading without reading the whole passage?

Well! You can answer the questions without reading the passage from top to bottom by applying certain tricks and strategies that will be a great help to you. First Skimming and second scanning. 


Run across the text just as surface reading. Don’t ponder over details, but just get a general idea of what is the passage or paragraph is all about.


Scanning means for looking for keywords in a passage that belongs to the question. It will help you when you want to find specific information in a limited time. There are five little steps to doing this:

  • First read the question and identify the keywords.
  • Skim the paragraph that contains that has information.
  • Scan for the keyword, or a synonym, stop at once, you find it.
  • Read the whole sentences or phrases before and/or after it.
  • Go back to the question and answer it using the information you located.

Question 3:

How to manage my time to ensure that all of my answers are answered on time in the IELTS Academic Reading section?

Though the question is very similar to Question 2, it’s more specifically significant to a particular section rather than the whole reading section. If you come to face such question that you are struggling with and is time taking to answer, you can leave it, resume with the rest of the question, and then after completing, return to the question again. An important tip to remember not to  want to waste your much time on such a tricky question

Now, Prepare for your exam with IELTS training classes at ease and with expert tips and tricks.

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