Pre-departure to-do list for students going abroad for higher studies.

Pre-Departure to-do list

Certainly, receiving an acceptance letter from the desired university is not less than a dream comes true. But to realize this dream a level of preparation is required as a candidate is to land in a country with different culture and will be far away from his/her native place. Here at Cosmo Consultants, we guide and help you at each step to make your departure and stay hassle-free. It is so important that spending a few weeks in preparation as per the list could keep your stress and panic at bay. So this is the time to organize yourself by pulling your socks for the life that lies ahead.

 Here is a to-do list of pre-departure for the students who are going abroad for their higher studies 

Check with your to-do list: –

First thing first, as it is rightly said, the best way to start work is to make a checklist. Take a nice diary and pen down the items you would be taking. Don’t just make it in a single sitting, take time. Show it to your mom and add it whatever is necessary. This will help you in tracking what items you still have to buy. It will help you to remain organized and save you a lot from unnecessary but inevitable minute tension. Don’t forget to strike off the items which you have arranged: your documents, your assets.

As we take care of our assets, check meticulously all the documents academic as well as travel-related ones. Make a folder of all these documents with a sufficient number of photocopies. Don’t forget to keep one set of all these documents at your home within the knowledge of your parents. It is advisable to make an e-folder of all these documents and a separate folder of all communication from the university and visa office in your e-mail which will be of great help in case of an emergency. It would always be better to save them on the cloud so you can access them any time from any device.

Apply for a visa

Soon after you receive your acceptance letter the first thing you are required to do is to book the date for your visa. Starting early would save you from last-minute mad rush so look for the country’s visa office and apply right there. Here you would be requiring the photocopies and original documents needed to present during your visa interview. You need to know that sometimes the VISA process may take more time than we expect. Starting easily would be a better way to make your overseas journey smooth.

Validity of passport.

Before you embark on the overseas journey, what is most essential to check the validity of your own passport. In no case, it should be less than six months after completion of your studies program. To check the date of your passport so that any last-minute hitch can be avoided. Ideally, passport validity should be more than 6 months after the completion of your chosen educational program.

Booking flight tickets

if you are interested in saving some of your bucks then, go for booking your flight ticket soon after you get your visa. Booking flight tickets in advance is not only cheaper. It also gives you the choice to choose the direct flight to your destination. This will also give you an opportunity to be in touch with those students who would also be going to nearby universities. The connection with the other students provides desired emotional support and could be leveraged in your initial days on foreign land.

Ensure you have the right insurance policy

You may be ignoring the insurance plan policies in your homeland; it will not be possible when you are planning your journey overseas. A suitable insurance plan for travel is the first thing that will allow you to board the plane so choose the right insurance policy and keep its paper in hands to show it as and when is required

Medicine and other necessary aid

You may be in the peak of your health yet it is advisable to make a list of common drugs called OTC( over the counter ) and keep a sufficient  stock of the same in your suitcase as these medicines are quite expensive in the host country, a surplus stock would be very helpful whenever you need them. So don’t forget to make a list of these common drugs and pack them with your others essentials items. Here is a list of some common medicines you may be needing during your stay.

Knowledge and facts about the host country

Before you put your first step on foreign land, it is always advisable to have a fair idea of that country’s local culture, their food, the climate, the topography of the area that you would be staying for your higher study. This will not only equip you with certain facts and figures, but it would also be an added advantage when you would be communicating with the locals. The best way to google the information you need and spend some time collecting the required information is to use the internet platform for the good of the host country.

Be ready to manage your finances.

When it comes to managing finance, it may seem to be the most challenging. However, you are supposed to manage it on your own as there will not be any one help you. The difference in the exchange rate and dealing in the course may be a bit tedious but it is the most important aspect one has to take care of, while studying abroad. Ensure, there are sufficient funds in the account that guarantees your stay and study on your own in the host country. Don’t take too much cash as it may not be easy to carry. What is recommended is to carry only that enough cash which would be necessary to cover the expenses for the first two weeks. The rest of your money should be either through a traveller’s cheque or an international forex card. 

Clothing, toiletries and electronic gadgets

These items are as important as anything else. Please bear in mind, over stuffing of clothes could take your precious space. Instead, use it to take as many toiletries items as possible you can. You would not have to hunt for a departmental store soon after you landed at an unknown place. Electronic gadgets, such as laptops, external hard drives, universal charger, all need to be kept in one hand bag and keep them with you because you cannot risk them to put in a big suitcase.


You cannot imagine your departure without managing your all-necessary documents that would be requiring during your departure as well as during your stay abroad. Here is a list of all the necessary documents that you should keep ready to present to the concerned authorities:

Some of the most important documents are as follows:

  1. Letter of acceptance
  2. Letter of enrolment
  3. Flight tickets
  4. Student ID card
  5. Hard and soft copies of payslips and other fee receipts
  6. Bank statements, salary slips, and other relevant documents which can prove that you have the funds to live all by yourself during the duration of the program.
  7. A rental agreement, if you’ve already arranged for accommodation or other documents showing the place where you will reside.
  8. Attested copies of academic certificates starting from your high school mark sheets
  9. Scholarship certificate (In case you have got a scholarship) • Certificates related to your vaccination
  10. Copies of medical reports and history • Blood group ID (not compulsory, but recommended)
  11. Health insurance documents • Passport (with photocopies)
  12. Visa (with photocopies)
  13. Travel insurance
  14. Driver’s license and other identification

Last but not least, don’t forget to carry the dream that you had been cherishing since your childhood. Nourish your dream with focusing on what you have planned rather than imaginary conditions that may make you unnecessarily nervous. You may even contact us at Study Abroad or Cosmo Consultants we would be more than happy to make your departure hassle-free.

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