Ten Reasons to Study in Australia

Ten Reasons To Study in Australia

If you are planning to study abroad, nothing can be better than studying in an Australian Universities. The only challenge these universities render is the problem of choice. Almost all the universities there are of very high quality and provide a world class education experience that it becomes difficult to reach on a conclusion. Here, you would find a few reasons why you should opt for Study in Australia and choose it as your international education.

1-World Class Education System:

Despite having a relatively small number of universities the country boasts of some of the high-ranking universities. Out of the 43 universities, its 8 univer sities feature in the top 100 universities in the world. These universities spend a big sum of their fund on research and innovation. There is no surprise why these education institutes attract students from around the globe.

2-High quality research and innovation programs:

Australian Universities are famous for their research and innovation work. In fact, these universities are the part of world research and innovation forum and they contribute towards research and developments. As a research scholar, an international student gets ample opportunity to work under the guidance and support of one of the best guides that would take your career to the next level. The exposure and the experience in the field of research and innovation is quite unique and competitive.

3-Flexibility and diversities of programs:

The universities in Australia are well known for the variety of educational program with amazing flexibility. Be it business management program, engineering science or humanities all are project based.  The degree and certificates from these educational institutes are valued very high in the international community. The flexibility students get here make education more interesting and worth following.

4-Multi-Cultural Campus Life:

Australian University system thrive on multi-cultural them. The campus life gives you a glimpse how students come out of their comfort zone and learn &experience something new. As a student you would get a chance to study with the students from across the world, which prepare a student to work in the organizations that promote multi-cultural work ethics. In fact, Australia’s approach to multi-cultural affairs is a unique model based on integration and social coherence.

5- Unique Australian programs to underpin oversea students:

In order to ensure the easy access and safety of students’ rights, there are multitudes of programs and provisions, for an oversea student, that the Australian Universities have to follow. Some of them are as follows:

If you don’t meet academic requirements, there are a few options such as Australian Pathway program, to prepare you for further study. The foundation courses are always the best choice for the enrollment. As these courses prepare and equip an oversea student before he/she finally take admission in an undergraduate program. The best part of this program is that there is no loss of time.

Australian Qualification Framework or AQF is a country wide act to keep an eye over the quality of education and training in Australia. It incorporates the qualifications from each education & training sector into single comprehensive national qualification network.

The ESOS (The education services for overseas students) framework protects the rights of overseas students in Australia in which a student has the right to receive current and accurate information about the courses, fees and other mode of studies. This framework also provides an oversea student a right to sign a written agreement with the institute. 

6-Big and active campus:

The campuses here are really big in size. And if is located in the rural area the chances are that the campus would be even bigger one. These campuses have all sorts of facilities and active student life. As the education pattern is more inspired and influenced by British education system. More and more emphasis is given on learning through projects and hand on training. There is a lot to learn and explore through more unconventional ways than merely attending class room lectures.

7- Amazing biodiversity:

The land of Kangaroos is famous for being the country with the largest biodiversity in the world. The plants and the animals are very much unique and you can find them only on this piece of planet. Its’ breath-taking landscape and rich biodiversity brings you closer to nature and will give you enough reasons to contemplate how it can be conserved. A person can get first-hand experience how the locals take care of their natural surroundings and what they do to preserve their rich biodiversity.

8- Easy Work opportunities:

Most of the international students are keen to start earning a few bucks so that their weekend expenses can be met. So, you need not to worry about it as the opportunity to earn is galore. The International students are allowed 40 hours work per fortnight and full day during holidays and vocations. Students can easily get their work permit and can make decent amount of money.

9-Post study work permit:

The higher education from Australia also gives you an opportunity to work on Australian territory soon after completion of your higher study program. This may give you a chance to work there up to the next four year. The successful completion may further lead to extension of your stay.

10- The real plus point in CV:

Eventually, the sheer mentioning of your study from Australian university would give your CV an unmatched advantage over your competitors and will make you a real asset to your employer. The corporate house would be more than happy to keep an international student from Australia on board. The abilities and capabilities to work professionally in the multi-cultural organization that a student acquires while studying in Australia makes him/her the candidate to reckon with.

Apart from this, English makes communication easy in Australia. The mode of learning is through English and this makes communication very easy in Australia. Here you need to master just one language and it will be a big asset when you go for the job outside Australia.

This added skill helps in corporate world where one has to interact with the professionals around the world. The opportunities available here prepare you well for your future corporate assignments. So, if you have made up your mind to study in Australia and are still not sure about which university to choose from, we are right here at Cosmo Consultants to guide you to choose right course and the right university.

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