Top 10 Reasons to Study in Canada

Study In Canada

For the International students, Canada has always been the first choice. Students’ from almost everywhere apply each year for the various under graduate and post graduate programs. Here you would get more reasons than you can think. These reasons will help you in deciding Canada as the next destination to study abroad.

 1-One of the best places to live:

The first and foremost, the living conditions in the country is far more than welcoming. Most of the international institutes and agencies rank Canada as one of the best places to live and study in. This is because the country’s expenditure on education is highest per capita in the world. The quality of education and the quality of life is beyond comparisons which makes it a hot destination for the pursuing higher degree courses.

2-Highly competitive educational degree:

With its world class degree and diploma programs, Canada boosts of very competitive and industry oriented educational program. The universities, here, work very hard with the students and their degrees and certificates are held in high esteem and are valued throughout the world. That is why, more than 1.5 lac international students seek admission in various colleges and courses in this country.

3- Multi-cultural society:

As a student, you would find here from all over the world. The government encourages multi-cultural society. People, by and large are welcoming and tolerant to other cultural and religious practices. In the area near your campus, you may find people from your own country as well as from around the world.

4- Excellent Language Education System:

Canada is English speaking country and it has French as its second language. The Universities here encourage International students to gain proficiency in either of the language of your choice. The students can hone their linguistic abilities through a variety of language development courses offered by a number of institutes.

5-Health Care System:

Health Care System in Canada

When it comes to comparison, the health care plans in Canada are not very expensive. This country has a very sophisticated health care system to cover each and every resident of this country where the quality of health care is very high.

6-Safe Environment for Migrants:

One more ground to Study in Canada is, by and large, Canada is a peaceful country with unmatched political stability. The political system does support the rights of those who decided to make this land their home for the future. The overwhelming majority of International students agree that they feel safe and secure in and off the campus and this is the main reasons of these students to choose Canada as their study destination.

7-Work Permit for the part time jobs:

Work Permit for the part time jobs in Canada

For an international student, getting a permission to work, up to one year, after completion of their studies is quite remunerative. In fact, the authorities here encourage the international students to take up jobs soon after they complete their education. During their studies, students may also take up jobs without seeking work permit.

8-Healthy Weather conditions:

Weather conditions in Canada is also one the main reasons why international students should choose to study here. This country has vast unsettled land, scenic mountain ranges, a large number of lakes, picturesque locations all for the weekend trips. The overall weather is quite salubrious. Though the cold temperature may pose some challenges in the first initial days, but once you are accustomed to it, there would not be anything better than this.

9-Affordable and economical:

When it comes to the cost of international studies, Canada is the clear-cut leader. Canadian Universities, despite being one of the most economical enjoy the tag of one of the best in the world. The government spends a big budget on education sector making it most economical and affordable for the international students among the English-speaking counties such as USA, Australia, New Zealand and UK.

10-The possibility of Permanent resident ship:

One more reason why you should opt for studying in Canada is , after completion of education from Canada and getting one year work experience, one has the choice to apply for the permanent resident ship and may continue his stay there. Interestingly, the policies of the nation do support people to continue their stay and contribute to Canada economy.

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