Top Ten colleges in Canada for International Students

Top Ten colleges in Canada

For those who have decided to study abroad and wish to become an overseas student in Canada, the selection of the right college may be a daunting task. Actually, this is such an important decision that a wrong choice may slow the progress of a career.

Hence, here is a list of top ten colleges in Canada that, host a large number of international students. These colleges provide an array of courses at very affordable tuition fees which are very much industry oriented. Therefore, post completion, the International students do not face any difficulty in getting a work permit. Irrefutably, these colleges have a very high reputation for their industry-oriented curriculum and post-study placements.

Top Ten colleges in Canada for International Students

1-Niagara College:

On the top, the first college in our list is Niagara College. Located in Toronto, this college is in collaboration between Toronto College of Management and Niagara college of Applied Art and Technology. Interestingly, this college offers some of the best short-term courses in the field of general and hospitality management. In addition, the students of this college have direct access to the industry program of Toronto School of Management. Hence, this provision helps in getting part-time employment easily. For that, the college has comprehensive career services that help and guide international students in getting their post-graduate work permit.

2-St. Lawrence College:

Secondly, St. Lawrence College, better known as SLC, with its three campuses, is a college of Applied Arts and Technology. Its three campuses are in Brockville, Cornwall and Kingston. These are the home of a large number of international students and offer all sort of Certificates, Diplomas and Degree courses to meet the requirement of these students. SLC‘s faculty is industry professionals that help students in becoming industry-ready. Among other facilities, its campus has state-of-the-art study rooms with SMART board. It also offers healthcare simulation labs with fidelity manikins. As a result, SLC is one of the most preferred colleges to international students.

3-Alpha College:

Next, Alpha College of Business and Technology is one of the most sought-after study abroad destinations. As this college is affiliated with St. Lawrence College, its curriculum, its faculty are directly delivered by SLC itself. It, therefore, bears the responsibility for ensuring quality for its college-level program. Therefore, it is one of the most preferred colleges for the students of  health care or business administration. A higher post-study employment ratio speaks volumes about the quality education offered on its campus.  

4-Bow Valley College:

Then, there is Bow-Valley College. Situated in Calgary, this college has seven campuses under its wings in Alberta province of Canada. Bow-Valley College or BCV, as it is popularly known, is renowned as a Fast, Focus and Flexible educational institution. Those who aspire for better education should definitely give it serious consideration. Likewise, it runs more than 50 academic programs which are both accessible and affordable. Hence, small classes and applied learning, coupled with extensive support services, makes it one of the favorite study-abroad destinations. Hence, it is suitable for those, who hail from the distinct countries. The BVC has successfully helped over 3 Lac scholars in their career growth. The majority of its pass out students finds a job in their selected field.

5-Humber College:

Next, the Humber Institute of technology and advanced learning was the former name of this public college of Applied Arts and Technology. It is now, more popular as Humber College. It is situated in Toronto and has three campuses- namely North Campus, Lake Shore campus and Humber Orangeville campus. This college has won numerous awards for its various academic and research initiatives. This college offers more than 200 programs. Consequently, That makes this college the natural choice for the overseas students from more than 138 nations.

6-Centennial College:

Next, its motto is “Transforming lives and communities through learning”and, this college is one of the oldest public-funded colleges in Ontario. Officially known as Centennial college of Applied Arts & Technology, it has one of the most culturally diverse campuses. It has over 22000 full-time and 19000 part-time students. Students from as many as 80 different languages study here. Globally, it is best known for its research initiatives programs that emphasize learning through experiments and laboratory instructions. Therefore, what makes this college so unique is, its numbers of innovative degree programs. These are in collaborations with the University of Toronto and Ryerson University. As a result, this college was among the first to get the nod for the applied degree program.

7-Red Deer College:

Next, located in Red Deer, Canada, this is one of the best colleges in Alberta. RDC provides array of certificates, diplomas, advanced diplomas, degrees and other academic programs. Also, it is home to 7500 full-time students and has culturally diverse ambience. This college also scores high in faculty grade, because; most of its courses are led by the specialist teachers. They provide practical and applied learning opportunities to the young learners. With its two campuses, it offers programs ranging from several months to 4 years degree depending on the choice of the course.

8-Seneca College:

Furthermore, Seneca College is also quite popular among international students. This College’s formal name is the Seneca College of applied arts and technology. Besides, this college provides degree, diplomas, certificates and pathway programs to international students across the world. Are You looking for an academic program in fashion studies, health services, engineering, environmental technology, accounting and finance? Then, this can be one of your destinations in Canada. Equally, this college offers the best working experience and apprenticeship program with the best employers of province situated in Toronto. Also ,it is a multi-campus public college with 30,000 full time and 75,000 part-time students.

9-Loyalist College:

Next, with its three campuses namely Belleville, Bancroft and Mississauga, Loyalist College offers full time and part-time programs to international students. Therefore, its education programs include certificate, diploma and apprenticeship. Moreover, its main campus is just 2 hours east of Toronto and has all the necessary facilities needed for an international student. The most popular course this college offers is in nursing, biotechnology, applied, paramedic and culinary management. Interestingly, the post-study jobs placement ratio of this college is higher than the provincial ratio. In addition, it also ranks higher in employer satisfaction, student satisfaction and graduate satisfaction list of colleges of Ontario.

10-Matrix College:

Last but not the list, Matrix College. It has its campus in Montreal, Quebec, with the formal name Matrix College of management, technology and health care. It has a mission to deliver hands-on training that builds practical skills required to be job-ready. Additionally, this college offers a specialized post-secondary level program in business, technology and engineering. This college ensures that each student gets a quality educational experience at a very affordable tuition fee. It should be noted, all the courses and programs of this college have due approval. Subsequently, this college also provides a wide range of vendor-authorized and vendor-independent IT courses such as SAP, Cisco and VMware certification.

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