What are the Best part-time jobs while study in Canada

What are the Best part-time jobs while study in Canada

It’s really nice for international students who want to work part-time while study abroad. Most of the study abroad consultants will advise you for doing that. This will not just help you in supporting your financial expense but it will help in improving your resume and your experience to improve your skills. The international students will definitely have perks when they will start working again in their own country but what could be the best part-time jobs for International Students while study in Canada are:-

  • Security Jobs:-If you are someone with 0 experience and with a decent level of communication skills. You can apply for security jobs while study in Canada. All You need to get a license, that’s it. You can get it at a cost of $400-$500. You can find this job most suitable job If you want to pursue your career as a police officer or a corruption officer.
  • Retail Jobs:-If you have a notch up communication skills then you can try for Retails. The jobs in the retail section have various options like apparel, footwear and food. They deal basically with client servicing and once you have the proper experience in your school days then you can land up with the job of the manager role. With the manager role, you can apply for express entry visa too.
  • Construction Jobs You have excellent communication skills plus problem-solving skills and want to earn decent amount then you should look for options in construction, There are 15 different jobs where they can do frame or design and many more options.

Being an international student, you are allowed to work for 20 hours per week. That’s the maximum hours that you can work. Thus, you can look for those jobs which provide you co-up or full-paid internships. They can be very helpful. You can look for work as freelancers too, working online can help you in overcoming the 20 hours work schedule. Jobs like Online promotions, online social media activities, blogging, opening a youtube channel, all of such activities can bring you extra income.

Now, what is the key to you to get a job? It is your resume. The strong and just a paper which dictates who are you and your skills. Make sure that your resume must be outstanding out of all other applicants.

Another tip, if you are not able to find a job off campus, try on-campus too. The Canada universities keep releasing the news of new vacancy on their campus. Stay close and beware of job vacancies in your own college too.

Don’t give up if you lose any interview, try hard for the next one. Stay patient and passionate to your job! Just relax and stay focus on your goal to study in Canada.

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