What is CAIPS/GCMS Notes?

What is CAIPS/GCMS Notes?

Those who apply for a visa for Canada, either a study permit or spouse visa, sometimes have to pass sleepless nights over the inherent uncertainty about the outcome. As the dreams and aspirations are at stake, a rejection or delay might be a make-or-break event in the lives of applicants.

Here, an applicant is expected to appreciate the process of visa approval. And, how an applicant checks the progress of his file/ his application. Sometimes, the unfortunate rejection also leaves the applicant clueless. The provision of CAIPS or GCMS proves to be handy. Applicants whose application is pending and they wish to know its real-time status; it also gives a thorough insight into causes of refusal of the application. In this blog, we are going to have a fair idea of how CAIPS/GCMS works. And, how it can be helpful to prospect Canadian students or PR applicants.

What is CAIPS/GCMS Notes?

CAIPS (computer-aided immigration process system), which is an internal working system of IRCC(CIC) to process all types of applications. These are related to study visa or PR visa. It is an integrated electronic data management system. This system records all the information and notes during the visa process. And, it can be accessed by following certain guidelines. As GCMS (Global Case Management System) has replace CAIPS, both these terms come into use interchangeably.

These notes which provide the causes of the rejection of visa or status of the pending file are issued under the federal law of Canada with the name- Access to Information and Privacy Act (ATIP) to a qualified-individual which includes a citizen of Canada or a permanent resident. It means a person, whose file is rejected or in the process can access those notes only through these qualified individuals.

Why CAIPS/GCMS Notes so Important ?

The CAIPS /GCMS are very useful when a candidate fails to get the desired study permit and he/she has to apply again. So before reapplying, it is advisable to request CAIPS/GCMS notes which let the candidate know the reasons and grounds of visa rejection.

A candidate whose visa application is pending for quite a long time also wants to know the real-time status of his file. These notes cover every detail written by the immigration officer including  any missing documents, notes on the insufficiency of funds, background check, notes on the academic record of the candidate and missing some vital information.

How to Reapply?

A candidate can easily reapply his case after proper study of CAIPS/GCMS notes. And, a candidate should consult a professional and experienced visa consultant before reapplying. A candidate has to remove all shortcoming from his files by supporting the missing details. The same is applicable to the candidate whose file is pending for some missing information. The notes provided will help in providing the missing information which would expedite the process.

Applying for CAIPS/GCMS notes is neither a tedious nor a complex process. A candidate should fill an application, sign a consent note and deposit the fee. And, applicant generally receives file within 4 to5 weeks of application submission. The CIC takes nearly 30 working days to respond to the application for CAIPS/GCMS notes.

Acknowledgement of Receipt (AOR)

The candidate whose visa application is pending and they do not have clue what has caused the delay, can take the benefit of this provision by applying for CAIPS/GCMS notes. But a candidate needs to bear in mind that this can only be initiated if the acknowledgement of receipt (AOR) has been issued by the consultant. If AOR is not yet created the candidate will have to wait till AOR is issued. After the issuance of AOR, the candidate may get an insight into the status of his/her file.

The CAIPS/GCMS may provide information regarding bring forward date. And, the primary points assessment, the former gives an idea of when the visa officer will receive the file. Additionally, whether there will be personal interview or not. And latter information will make a candidate aware of any document or information that is missing in the application file.

In both cases the candidate gets an opportunity to make the necessary piece of information or documents available. Which, ensure the timely permission of visa by an immigration officer.

The Need of File Number

For requesting CAIPS/GCMS notes a candidate should mention his file number. This is provided to the candidate in various communications in the form of an application number. IRCC ask for the file number for the speedy process.

Some candidates do have the fear that requesting CAIPS/GCMS notes may delay the processing of the file. This is not true the processing of the file has nothing to do with the seeking of CAIPS/GCMS notes. Rather it may help expedite the process, by applying the necessary information which may potentially be delaying the processing file.

To conclude, CGMS has taken the place of CAIPS. It is a provision under Canadian law of the right to information. It provides detailed information of notes given by the immigration department of Canada IRCC. These notes are useful for those who wish to reapply their application in the wake of their rejection of visa. And, It is also helpful for those whose file is pending for quite a long time.

A candidate should request their notes by filling a simple form. It should contain the file number, the consent letter with signature and the processing fee which is quite nominal. It takes 4 to 5 week or about 30 working days to receive those notes.

A candidate should decipher the notes. And, check all the points on which the visa officer has refused the visa. Now if the candidate fulfills the entire pending requirement the file should resubmitted. And, it will help the candidate to get the study permit, that would eventually make his dream of study abroad come true

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