Why Toronto is the Study Hub for International Students

Why Toronto is the Study Hub for International Students

For those who aspire to be international students and want to build their career through studying abroad, Canada has always been on their list of priority. Similarly, being home to some of the best education institutions in the world, this country is highly proud of its tolerance and multicultural society. Besides, the vast employment opportunities coupled with a simpler visa process make it the most cherished destination for international students.

Although, the quality of education and opportunities are equally good in most of Canada’s major cities, yet, Toronto has emerged as the front runner among them. Obviously, this city has grown exponentially in terms of infrastructure and opportunities and is contributing to the Canadian economy.

Right from the world-class education institution to the post-study job opportunities, this city has become the prime choice of the international students. Therefore, here we will explore some of the features this city is showcasing which have made Toronto the ideal place to study for overseas students.

Home to the top universities

Firstly, what made Toronto, distinct from other Canadian cities, is the center of some of the best educational institutions in the world. This city hosts universities like the University of Toronto, York University, Ryerson University, and other reputed colleges. These are the best to offer industry-oriented education to their students.

Every year these universities update their courses to meet the demand of the industries. Their career-oriented courses ensure that the industry would be supplied with the talent to meet their requirements. This city rank 13th in the QS top student cities.

Multi-ethnic society

Toronto, being the capital of the English-speaking province of Ontario is also the largest city. This city is well equipped to support the city dweller. The presence of more than 160 countries’ students in this city makes it one of the most diverse cultured centers in Canada. Being the cultural melting-pot, this city provides students much-needed exposure to the various cultures that help them broaden their horizons.

Besides learning in the university classroom, a student gets plenty of opportunities to interact and learn through informal communication. The city has a multicultural neighborhood with names such as:-

  • Little Italy
  • Greek town
  • Portugal village
  • Chinatown,

which provides a glimpse of a diverse culture of the world.

Ample work opportunities

As the Canadian authorities allow international students to work:-

  • Up to 20 hours per week during their semester
  • And 40 hours per week during holidays

Students are always looking for job opportunities to support their accommodation, food and sometimes studies expenses.

Toronto provides ample job opportunities to these students, not only in the neighboring industrial tech-hub but also in the university campuses. A lot of job openings for potential candidates are always on university news boards. The various internship programs available in the city make these students ready for the post-study visa permit that eventually paves the way for the PR.


Toronto, within a short span of time, has developed into a big force of technology sectors and has emerged as the hot spot for the tech industry. A 100 km dedicated way, also known as the Toronto-Waterloo corridor, is becoming the home of the innovation center of most of the tech giants of the world. Some deep-tech companies of this city are directly competing with their US counterparts. This development is generating a lot of job opportunities for international students. As the courses offered in the universities serve the needed requirements of the industries, the student faces no time-lag in landing a good lucrative job.

Sturdy transportation network

The cost of the transportation is quite reasonable here with multitudes of options available. This may be one of the reasons for the international students to choose Toronto over the other Canadian cities. The availability of an extensive public transport system makes student movement convenient and cost-efficient.

The electronic payment system, called as presto card supports all sorts of transport means and saves you from using cash or buying a token in a different mode of transportation. Supported by mobile apps, this card can easily be managed and used. The availability of service like York regional transit, go transit and Toronto commission also offer great mobility to the dweller of the city.

Accommodation choice

This seems to be one of the criteria on which an overseas student considers while deciding his/her destination for studies. Toronto offers a wide range of accommodation choices that fit into the pocket of everyone. Right from the ordinary shared rooms to exclusive high-class apartments, this city has something for everyone. The budget accommodation makes them the perfect choice for overseas students whose aim is to minimize the cost of their housing.

Center for the Culture and Arts

the city of Toronto has everything that an overseas student looks for. The presence of

  • A large number of coffee-shops
  • Restaurants
  • Food corners
  • Coupled with an array of entertainment
  • And shopping centers make it the most sought-after city in Canada.

This metropolitan city is also a home to various cultural and Art centers of Canada. Showcasing the life, history and futuristic planning of the city which guarantees an exciting and thrilling life.

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