IELTS Vocabulary Set 2

IELTS Vocabulary (February-22)

In order to match the test format, get the best out of these useful expressions to enrich the lexical resource (vocabulary) for the IELTS speaking and writing tasks. Find here your handy vocabulary:-

  1. Get the hang of it (something)
  2. Spick and Span
  3. To Take A Rain Check
  4. Spick and Span
  5. The whole nine yards
  6. Interpret
  1. Intervene
  2. Terrible
  3. Spectacular
  4. Have A Bigger Fish To Fry
  5. Take No Prisoner
  6. Furious
  1. Gorgeous
  2. Massive
  3. Dull
  4. Deafening
  5. Destitute
  6. Usher

Get the hang of it (something)

Meaning – Become expert in, Become proficient in.

  • It took me two months to get the hang of ice-skating.
  • Don’t worry, within a few days you would get the hang of playing this piano.
Get the hang of it
Spick and Span

Spick and Span

Meaning – Neat and clean

  • They always keep their room spick and span.
  • His boss likes everything spick and span in his office.

To Take A Rain Check

Meaning – Politely reject an offer (may be for future)

  • I can’t make it this time, can I take a rain check.
  • I am sorry but I have to take rain check this weekend.
To take a rain Check
The lion’s share

Spick and Span

Meaning – The Lion’s Share

  • As usual, the lion’s share of this year budget has again gone to Defence sector.
  • The Colgate still enjoy the lion’s share in toothpaste market.

The whole nine yards

Meaning – Everything

  • He has watched every single episode of this series, from the first to the final one, the whole nine yards.
  • She has a toolkit with every kind of tool in all sizes – jacks, wrenches, screwdrivers – the whole nine yards.


Meaning – To explain or make understand the meaning of something

  • She had no idea how to interpret that warning.
  • Our success depends upon our ability to interpret the facts rightly.


Meaning – Mediate, step in

  • The Colonial forces continued to intervene in the inter-tribal disputes.
  • The human right groups have been pressing the government to intervene.


Meaning – very unpleasant; causing great shock 

  • I say that nowadays he is in terrible conditions
  • It was the most terrible war in the history of this country to interpret the facts rightly.


Meaning – very impressive to see

  • The town offers more than spectacular scenery to its visitors.
  • This area offers spectacular mountain vistas and lush evergreen forests.
Have A Bigger Fish To Fry

Have A Bigger Fish To Fry

Meaning – To have more important or more interesting things to do

  • I think he is not coming with us for the show; he may have a bigger fish to fry.
  • They can’t spend a lot of time on the problem. They definitely have bigger fish to fry.

Take No Prisoner

Meaning – Be ruthlessly aggressive or uncompromising in the pursuit of one’s objectives

  • This business is renowned for being cutthroat; so to succeed here take no prisoners.
  • This person doesn’t take any prisoners when a project needs to get done.
Take No Prisoner


Meaning – Very Angry

  • She was furious when that man cashed her car.
  • He was absolutely furious at having been deceived in that store.


Meaning – Very Beautiful

  • You look gorgeous, Maria.
  • The bride looked gorgeous.


Meaning – Very Big

  • There used to be a massive monument on this square.
  • Ten massive stone pillars are supporting the roof of this temple.


Meaning – Very Boring

  • Why is she so dull today?
  • We could not enjoy the party as the music was slow and settings quite dull.


Meaning – Very noisy

  • Please turn the radio down, the noise is deafening.
  • The noise of the machines in the factory was deafening.


Meaning – very poor

  • This year, the flood left many of the people of this region destitute.
  • His mission is to extend the help to the weak and destitute of the society.


Meaning – Guide Someone Somewhere-
– Mark the Start of Something new

  • A Waiter ushered me to the table.
  • The Railways ushered in an era of cheap and convenient travel.