IELTS Writing Task 2 Topic 25

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IELTS Writing Task - 2 (Topic: 25)

some people believe that childhood is the best age for happiness. While others believe that a person can enjoy more happiness in other stages of life.
Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Type of essay -> Discussion type of essay

Pointers For The Essay:

  1. Young age is the easiest period of life for each individual.
  2. They do not concerned about any serious problems,
  3. And they have ample time with an opportunity to live happily and enjoy doing their hobbies.
  4. Children have habits to laugh and smile, which means that is the best duration of life.
  5. Most public believe that the teenage years are the best time in of most society’s lives.

Vocabulary for this essay

  • Believe – suppose, assume, imagine
  • People – human beings, humanity, mankind
  • Childhood – youth, infancy, teens
  • Happiness – cheerfulness, merriment, joy
  • Enjoy – relish, appreciate