IELTS Writing Task 2 Topic 26

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IELTS Writing Task - 2 (Topic: 26)

The education of young people of a top priority in all countries of the world. Do some people believe that educating adults who cannot read or write is important to society and need more funding? To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Type of essay -> Opinion Type Essay

Point for this essay

  1. Quality of education with proper training must be provided in every educational institution to teach students because education teaches the difference between good and bad.
  2. It develops a sense of leadership, personal growth and reflects our personality and behavior.
  3. Education is one of the main pillars of a country’s development.
  4. Government’s priority should be to give better education to each and every age group who wants an education.
  5. Education should be easily accessible to people from different income groups.

Vocabulary for this essay

  1. Education – schooling, training, teaching
  2. Priority – prime concern, most pressing matter, urgency
  3. Uneducated – unscholarly, illiterate
  4. Important — main predominant, salient, prime
  5. Funds – finance, support. sponsors