IELTS Writing Task 2 Topic 7

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IELTS Writing Task - 2 (Topic: 7)

Many manufactured food and drinks products contain high levels of sugar, which causes many health problems. Sugary products should be made more expensive to encourage people to consume less sugar.
Do you agree or disagree?

Type of essay -> Opinion type of essay

Point for this essay

  • Supporters of this policy believe that raising the price of unhealthy products has been effective in the past.
  • Nowadays they create an only marginal impact on the individuals.
  • Superior solutions are required with more holistic government action.

Vocabulary for this essay

  1. Manufacture —  mass production, production, turnout, put together
  2. food — nourishment, edibles, bread
  3. Drinks – beverages, liquid, refreshment
  4. Health – fitness, wellbeing, in good shape
  5. Difficult – issues, complication, muddle, trouble
  6. Expensive – lavish, overpriced, high cost, costly
  7. Consume – devour, ingest
  8. Encourages – motivate, cheer, uplift