6 Tips For Success in IELTS Writing module

IELTS tips

IELTS is an English proficiency test conducted to check the English proficiency level of the students. Through this test, the English of the students is tested. Cosmo Consultants is a well-known coaching institute for IELTS exam preparation. There are 4 IELTS exam modules, of which all four are important in their roles. There are some important ways to pass every module. Today through this blog we will tell you some tips to score the best marks in the writing module, so let us know some important tips.

IELTS tips

Tip 1- Use High-Level Vocabulary

By using some advanced English words, you can present all your questions well. The writing section plays a very important role in appearing in the IELTS examination. In such a situation, using American English words will give you an excellent result.

Tip 2- Use Linking Words

Using linking words gives a good impression. Linking words are used to connect more than one sentence. Linking words are used to improve Writing Flow. Linking words are also known as Transition words and phrases like however, as well as, on the other hand, etc.

Tip 3- Error-Free Sentence

In your written paragraph, all the words should be written correctly and there should not be any grammatical mistakes. You have to write sentences keeping in mind that they have a proper meaning and punctuation marks are placed properly everywhere.

Tip 4- Don’t Repeat Words

Using one word repeatedly gives a wrong impression to the person and he does not take interest in reading the detailed paragraph. You get a new one in every line which has a proper meaning and gives some information. Don’t repeat a word again and again for effective communication.

Tip 5- Accuracy

While writing your exam, you have to keep this thing in mind, the thing you want to write should be accurate and to the point. No line or word should be written in a twisted or reverse straightway.

Tip 6- Task Achievement

The IELTS writing test is divided into two tasks. Task Achievement is one of the four marking criteria for the IELTS Writing part. Each of these criteria bears 25% of your Writing marks.

IELTS tips

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