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Study in Canada:- The most Cherished study abroad destination

Undoubtedly, Study in Canada is one of the most cherished dreams for a student across the world. Thanks to the education centric policies of federal and provincial governments of Canada, the country is a home to a large number of top universities of the world. The aspirants start looking for the ways for how to apply for study in Canada right in the high school days. This later culminates in the applying for Canada study visa with the help of an experienced and professional study abroad consultant.

A country: Opportunities galore

Situated in the northern region of North America, Canada has been home to migrants since a very long time. It not only provides scenic beauty but also is one of the most affordable developed countries to find a habitat in.

Study in Canada

The country not only has the longest coastline in the world but also has many lakes adding to the scenic beauty. Canada comprises of ten provinces prominently searched are British Columbia, Ontario, Alberta, however Canada is not restricted to these Quebec, Saskatchewan & Manitoba are known to be known as the emerging provinces in Canada.

Study In Canada

Moreover, country comprises of three territories which offers a wide range for the migrants to choose from and reside in. The country is one of the safest countries to build a home in and is ranked as one of the least corrupted one. It not only provides security and protection to its citizens but the law and regulations safeguard the interest of the foreign settlers as well. The economy of the country is a blooming one which provides ample resources to find employment and earn reasonable amount of income. Canada relies on its natural resources as one of its main income generating unit along with service sector like most of the mixed economies of the world function.

There is not just one, but are, countless reasons to choose Canada as a destination of higher study. The preference of international students over other Anglophonic countries such as UK, USA and Australia is due the following reasons:

  1. Excellent Education System: Home to some of the Top universities of the World
  2. World 10th largest economy with very high job prospects
  3. Industry related and job oriented educational program
  4. Affordable and Less tuition fee in comparison to the UK, USA and Australia
  5. As per the UN report, The Most Livable country of the world
  6. Very safe for the International students
  7. Diverse and vibrant culture
  8. Work permit after completion of education- A Chance for International work experience
  9. Very tolerant and welcoming society
  10. Pathway to Permanent residency
Ten Reasons why you should study in Canada

How to Study in Canada

The higher study educational institutes are comprises of Universities, community colleges, Vocational colleges and art and science applied colleges. These institutions provide PhDs. Degree, Associate degree, Diplomas, PG Diplomas and certificates.

For an aspirant whose first language is not English, a valid score in IELTS or TOEFL is mandatory. Although, the overseas aspirants do a lot of research prior to take any decision regarding college and the course, our team of experts can also impart the useful advice with regard to the finalization of college and courses in Canada. We at Cosmo have big tie-ups with the top colleges and universities of Canada where we provide best possible guidance and counseling to our esteemed clients. The best way to know how to study in Canada is to seek counseling at Cosmo Consultants, where we provide genuine and professional guidance based on our transparent and ethical work culture.


Top Colleges and Universities in Canada

Maclean’s Magazine’s Canada Overview

Certainly, the Canada persists prominent financial opportunity due to their sound, solid & straight forward open funds. Banking frameworks are better and more grounded. Country generally have a lower joblessness rate, especially among youthful making Canada the most popular country for students aspiring to study overseas. For instance, working professionals have better experience on work front due to better medical care benefits, paid occasions & paid leaves including maternity & fatherly leaves. Actually, courteousness is the one reason Canada Excels from other countries & this is the reason for reliably high fulfillment’s levels. 

Actually, that is as indicated by the aftereffects of the 2016 Best Countries overview directed by U.S. News and World Report, in a joint effort with BAV Consulting and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, which studied in excess of 16,000 individuals in four worldwide locales. For this, members were approached to rank 60 nations, covering a wide scope of points that include: experience, citizenship, enterprise, legacy, impact, movers, just getting started, force and personal satisfaction.

In January’s World Economic Forum in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland, Prime Minister Trudeau considered Canada an ‘extraordinary spot to contribute’ as a result of our general medical care, instruction, security and financial strength. That business chiefs eye Canada as the spot they’d prefer to find or migrate their organizations as well as administrative centers says a lot about our personal satisfaction and the open doors Canada offers.

Canada Co-op Programs

Hence, the Canada has a reputation of providing worldwide accepted and recognized education. The public and private institutes of the country offer a huge range of courses for all the levels. Then, the programs are designed in a manner to help out the students to sustain in the employment world. They develop the skills of the students and the Co-op programs provided by many institutes help them in finding better work and developing team work spirit after the completion of their education. As a result, it is a home to many top most ranked universities and colleges of the world which are fully responsible in providing a base for better and successful life to everyone associated with it in any form.

Canada Study Visa

Additionally, the country has been very supportive of the research scholars from a long time now. There is ample scope of research in various fields there, like telecommunication, business, agriculture, science and technology.

Moreover, the Canada is among several affordable foreign destinations to live in. Right from the food, the lodging, the medical facilities and the education, everything there is quite reasonable in terms of expenses.  When compared to the tuition fees and living expenses of USA and UK, Canada has always turned out to be the cheaper one. Consequently, the return that one receives on their investment makes the country a viable option to choose.

The presence of people from different nations has made the nation culturally diverse. It is a witness to many cultural fests and events that take place over the year at different point of times. The country is culturally tolerant and believes in secularism and gives its citizens the right to choose the religion they want to follow. The culture and traditions of all the social sections of the society are preserved making it one of the largest diverse country in the world. Studying and settling in Canada can be the best decision that one can ever make for himself as it has a good track record of treating people from any part of the world with humility and empathy. 

One should consult immigration consultants for migrating, study visa consultants for study permits. While selecting the course most important aspect students should look upon is Course should have work permit which ranges from 2 to 3 years depending on the program. Getting international knowledge is not sufficient, its application on the global front is important. Students can be benefitted from such programs as not only they will get the applied & pragmatic knowledge rather it will render an opportunity for them to explore work opportunities in the Canada.

Study Visa Guidances for Canada
  • In general visa requirements vary from visa to visa type. For Student visa students need to have offer letter along with the fee receipt which can be obtained post submission of fees from the study institution preferably institutions must be a designated learning Institution.
  • Another important measure for Study visa is the category in which application of the applicant lies, SDS or non – SDS, preferably SDS; consult an experienced study visa consultants for detailed direction before submitting application in High Commission of Canada.
  • Student permit aspirants must have valid IELTS (Academic) fulfilling their prospective course requirement.
  • GIC commonly known as Guaranteed Investment Direction (10,200 CAD) needs to be submitted; this is applicable exclusively in the case of student visa.
  • Candidates willing to submit application for PR needs to have WES clearance and valid IELTS (General training). Band requirement varies from province to province, however in case of federal PR band requirement is 7(Reading), 7(Listening), 7 (speaking & 8 (Speaking)

Study In Canada - Frequently Asked Questions

Among the most preferred provinces in Canada, are Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec. These provinces host some of the top most universities of the world.

As per the QS ranking 2022, University of Toronto is the best university with world ranking 26 and it is followed by McGill University situated in Montreal(QS world rank-27). Read more

Some of the best colleges for international students in Canada are George Brown College, Bow Valley College, Seneca College, Georgian College, Humber College and Centennial College. Read more

The average living cost of a student in Canada depends on the city of residence, however on an average, an international student from India would need a monthly budget of about CAD 700 to CAD 850 for living comfortably during the study period. Read more

DLI or Designated Learning Institute is an education institute that is approved by provincial or territorial government for admitting International Institutes. Only DLI institutions are mandated to host international students and to run PGWP eligible program. An International student should seek admission only in DLI and confirm the same on the Canadian website. Read more

Universities and colleges in Canada have their different criteria for admission in UG programs. Generally, Minimum score in some college is over all 6.5 bands with not less than 6.0 in any module. Read more   

As a rule, a student of DLI with a Social Insurance number (SIN) is allowed to work a maximum of 20 hours per week during their semester and 40 hours per week during holidays. Read More

GIC stands for Guaranteed Investment Certificates which an International students are need to invest in. Those students, who apply for study visa under SDS (Student Direct Scheme) program, need to open a saving account in one of the three banks with minimum CAD 10,000/-plus the service charges as a one year expenses in Canada. Know More

The candidate can initiate the process of for PR only after completion of one year of job under PGWP. The first condition is minimum work experience of 1560 hours in the jobs with NOC code 0 or A or B. Visit Official Link

A student is allowed to work a maximum of 20 hours per week during their semester and 40 hours per week during holidays. Though the earning per varies province to province and job to job, So the average payment to international students depends from province to province.

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