Pre-Departure Guidance

Once a student receives his/her study acceptance certificate, the countdown for departure begins. And, so begins the rounds of hectic preparation for collection of ready to move items. In order to avoid unnecessary last minutes tensions and panic, the team Cosmo regularly organizes pre-departure guidance session for its clients.
We, at Cosmo, understand the need for Pre-departure briefings. This is for those who do not have much exposure. And, now moving to a foreign land where culture, rule & regulations and even language are quite different from their own native country. Also, every country has its own set of rules and expects a complete follow up from every person who visits there.
Following, we not only guide these students on certain aspects of study abroad education, but also help them in preparing their customized to-do list. We categorize the briefings on the following points:


Documents Related Guidance

Obviously, the biggest hazard, while moving to a foreign land a person can face, is related to documents. Be it the passport or medical and travel insurance, each and every paper has great importance. And sometime, due to this, a person may be denied entry in the airplane. That is why; our Cosmo team invites all the students for a pre-departure briefing. And, there we guide them about all the documents that they are expected to keep and show them as when they are asked to. Definitely, these briefings give them a fair idea about all sorts of documents they need to carry. And hence, relieve them from the burden of uncertainty.
On the whole, the pre-departure briefings regarding documents cover all aspects that concern a client. It includes the validity of the passport, medical report, letter of acceptance from the DLI. Also, health and travel insurance papers, timely travel ticket booking and much more.

Country Related Guidance

Undoubtedly, moving to a new country that has different culture and distinct law system may give a newcomer cultural shock. Moreover, there are also other challenges and questions a student may face. Generally it includes where to stay and where to buy his food from? About rented accommodation? What type of transport system will be most suitable? And, what are some dos and don’ts?
Although, most of the students do try their best to collect all these pieces of information through electronic media and friend circle, yet, the briefings by the experienced team bring authenticity and clarity. Hence, we take this opportunity to make these young students fully aware about the culture and practices of the new country. That is where they are moving to start a new phase of their lives.
As a rule, our team of experts at Cosmo elaborates each and every point that may bother a candidate. For this, the team discusses the culture and practices of the host country and prevailing rules & regulations. In addition, we guide them in booking there accommodation for their temporary stay in a foreign land.


Guidance related to Items of Personal use

The weather conditions of destination country are quite different and some time very challenging. That is why, a thorough preparation and moving with all the essential clothes becomes very necessary. A timely advice stops a student to buy these items at a higher cost. Thereby, it saves them from disturbing the financial budget. The same is true with other household items. These, too, would be required to them right from the first day of their stay in the new surroundings.
Hence, at Cosmo Consultants, Our duty of providing services does not end with the Study Abroad acceptance only, but we also provide proper help to the students in getting successfully settled in a new country. Our contacts with the students do not end with their moving abroad, rather is just a beginning for the life-long relations. We are always just a call or a message away anytime they need.

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