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The decision to go for higher studies through a study abroad program is a life changing one and professional counseling can be of immense help. An experienced and professional counseling firm can direct a student though the maze of mind boggling options.
Cosmo Consultants is a leading name in the field of study abroad counseling. Importantly, guided by our mission statement, we impart unbiased, transparent and professional counseling to the overseas aspirants and help them in realizing their study abroad dreams. During a span of 10 years, we have helped more than 5000 students in realizing their international education dream. Thus, we seek our motivation through creating success stories for our clients.
Additionally, we appreciate that given the plethora of countries, colleges and a large number of educational programs, selecting a right career path in the most suitable education institution is a challenging task. Here, our team of professionals comes in the picture to guide and support you scrupulously. Your trust and belief is our true inspirations.


Customized and Dedicated Team

Moreover, we have separate teams that work on dedicated platforms. And, these are fully equipped with the latest immigration and industry related updates. Every member of the team has to pass through the required training program before assigning a counseling task. As a result, training and updating the knowledge is a regular and continuous process at Cosmo.


Impeccable and Personalized Services

Right from the guidance and support for IELTS preparation to the applying for the study Abroad and to the pre-departure guidance ,the impeccable and personalized services rendered by our team, is our guiding principles. Consequently, be it our IELTS faculty or administrative team, each one is professionally trained and updated with latest information related to the assigned task. Instead of influencing the client with our choice, Cosmo team encourages students to come up with their choice of courses. As, every student is unique, a one to one counseling session with experts can help in zeroing in down their choice of subjects and colleges with the genuine reasons for the selection. Hence, this helps us to understand the students’ need. And it becomes easy for us to provide the most suitable options by building a strong profile for our students.

Our counseling is free and does not cost you anything:

As a rule, we do not charge fee for the counseling and are more than happy to help and guide students in selecting the country, course and college for their study abroad program. During counseling, we offer support and guidance on the following points:

  • Guidance in selection of course, college and country Tips for LOR and SOP.
  • Imparting the knowledge about international study education loans and financial Institutions.
  • Assistance in building a strong profile for the students.
  • A regular follow up with all the stake holders.
  • Apply for the selected college and course.
  • Support to prepare for the IELTS test and how much band score is required.
  • Guiding the students in bio-metrics and medical certificate.
  • Helping in travel and health insurance.
  • The guidance on study abroad scholarships.
  • Book an Appointment for Free Counseling

    If you have the dream to make your career by choosing a path to study abroad; don’t miss the chance to ride the wave of bagful-opportunities that lie for the overseas students. Without giving a second thought, book your free appointment with our team of professionals. And we would be more than happy to help you realize your study abroad dream.

    Study Abroad Counseling - Frequently Asked Questions

    What should be my minimum education qualification to study abroad?

    For Under graduate course the minimum education qualification is 10+2 and for seeking admission in a post graduate course minimum qualification should be graduate degree..

    Which country should I choose to Study overseas?

    Selection of the country depends solely upon your education background and future plans.

    Which course should I decide to study in Canada?

    Selection of course depends upon your interest and your education background. The university or college decide whether the course you have selected align with you or not

    What is LOR?

    LOR- Letter of recommendation is a reference letter you submit to the admission officer who get the insight about your candidature for the seat in the college or the university.

    What are LOA and CAS?

    While applying for admission in a Canadian college or university, the institute issues letter of acceptance (LOA) as a proof for the confirmation of admission. In case of UK, the document issued is called Confirmation of Acceptance for studies (CAS)

    How much money is needed for study abroad?

    The aspirant needs to pay for tuition fee and living expenses along with the mandatory health and travel insurance premium. The tuition fee and living expenses depend on the university/college, the course and the city. For more details contact your study abroad consultant.

    Is gap accepted in study Abroad case?

    Yes some universities and college do accept gap. The terms and conditions keep on changing and different counties and different institutes have their own terms and conditions. For more details visit your study abroad consultant.

    What documents are needed to study abroad?

    Besides Letter of Acceptance (LOA), Education documents you would also need, proof of English language proficiency, passport size photographs, Medical certificate, and some other documents. For more details read or visit your study abroad consultant. Read more

    What are DLI and CRICOS institute Number?

    For study in Canada your institute must be Designated Learning Institute (DLI), and for Study in Australia it is to be CRICOS. Only these institutes are authorized to enroll international institutes. Read More

    How much I score in IELTS to study abroad?

    IELTS score as a proof of language proficiency is a pre-requisite to apply for study abroad. The college and universities generally accept minimum over all 6.0 for under graduate and 6.5 for post graduate course. Some prestigious universities and colleges do have higher IELTS score requirement. Read more

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