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Study Abroad Finance Assistance

Almost all the international study aspirants are well aware that Study abroad program involves big budget.
This includes arranging the finances to support the tuition fee, living expenses of the first year in a foreign country and arrangements of some miscellaneous expenses. We at Cosmo Consultants understand this challenge and guide our esteemed clients with the best possible information.
Hence, we do our best to ensure that paucity of funds do not limit the study abroad dream of the students.


Assistance in opening GIC Account

Those who plan to go to Study in Canada should open an account with the selected financial institutions to buy Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GIC) of CAD 20,600. This is the fund a student can use once he reaches Canada. GIC is the pre-requisite for applying study abroad in SDS category because as per Canada Government rule, a student should have one year of fund to support self.

Cosmo has partnered with the best financial institutions to assist an applicant to open GIC account hassle-free. There are popular banks with which the GIC account can be opened – ICICI Canada and Scotia Bank Canada & CIBC however the list is not exhaustive. The importance of it can be understood that, the Account balance confirmation letter is required to process the study abroad application.


Guidance on Study abroad Scholarships

Scholarship is something that not only helps students financially, but is also a big source of pride. Winning a scholarship always boost the morale of student. Additionally, its reflection in the resume improves the chances of getting a job easier. Most of the international universities give scholarships as per the course and merit of the student. Cosmo team is well conversant with the various scholarship programs and provides guidance to the interested candidates.


Guidance on Funds

Sometimes, the expenses related to tuition fee, GIC and health & travel insurance and travel tickets turn out to be very challenging. And, the good news is- Nowadays, there are number of financial institutions , both in public and private sectors that have plans specifically to fund and support the international education. All you need is, to prepare a study abroad program by selecting the country, college and the course to study. The rest will be done by the representative of these financial institutions. We at Cosmo provide very genuine and transparent guidance regarding the funds and these financial Institutions.

Terms and conditions:-

  • These Banks and NBFCs have more or less same terms and conditions such as:
  • There is no need for a guarantor or mortgage for loan up to INR 4.0 Lac
  • Next, there is requirement of one guarantor for loan up to INR 7.5 Lac
  • Similarly, there is requirement of mortgage of equal amount for loan over INR 7.5 Lac. The loan amount can go up to One Cr, depending on financial requirement of the course chosen.

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