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Why Study in UK

Historically, UK has been the most admired higher study destination among the study abroad aspirants. In fact, in the previous century, UK used to be the only study abroad destination worth studying. So, the higher education system has transformed itself and keeping pace with the modern era dynamics. This is why; study in a UK University is still a matter of great pride.


History of World-renowned Education:

Undoubtedly, the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge are one of the top 10 oldest universities in the world, and both are situated in the UK. More than that, education system in the UK is world famous, and being able to state that you attended a UK university is often a great achievement itself.

Numerous Work and Financial Aid Options:

Basically, living in other country can be quite expensive, so you might need a plan to earn money while going to school. While some countries do not give permission to international students to do jobs, you might be able to enroll in a study and work. In most of the cases, international students may work 20 hours per week. Therefore, if working is not required in your case, you can apply for a scholarship for abroad study in UK colleges and university instead.


Student-friendly Schooling:

Likewise, universities in UK are well aware of the unique requirements of overseas students and the benefits of study abroad. If safety is a concern for you, you should know that the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education monitors the universities and colleges on a regular basis to ensure that they meet strict government standards. Hence, the UK is a very safe and friendly place to gain higher education.

Affordable Schooling and Cost of Living:

While it can take four or more years to earn a degree in many other countries, students can earn their Bachelor’s Degrees in the UK in as little as three years. In this case, many graduate programs can be completed in a year or more.

Moreover, the university system of UK is research oriented and, as a result, about 20 percent of research papers in the field of science and technology are published from the UK universities alone. This is why, every year more than 6, 00,000 international students seek admission in diverse courses in UK universities. As a result, the UK Universities are some of the top rank universities in the world. The Five universities that secured their position in the top 20 list of the world are:

Top Universities


Imperial College, London

This is one of the top 20 universities of the world. The University is famous for the Engineering, Medicine and data science. Moreover, the Innovation is the main thrust of this university and as a result, it ranks number one in employment prospects. Thus, most of the graduates pass out with the highest package in the industry.


University College, London


The largest university of UK is also the top ranking university of UK. This is also one of the most preferred institutions for the international students. Then, the major courses are in economics, international relations, law and earth science. This university also ranks high in employment prospect list.


The University of Edinburgh

This University is situated in Edinburgh and the 6th oldest university of English speaking world. Known for the research work and business management schools, every year it attracts a large number of overseas students. So, some of the most sought after courses are in the school of business, health science and economics.


University of Oxford

This is one of the oldest and the most prestigious University of the world. Student Strength- over 24,500 out of which 12,000 are Post Graduate. Located at Oxford, England, UK, this University is made up of 39 semi autonomous colleges and 6 permanent private halls (PPH). Further, this University is also famous for the various research work


University of Cambridge

This is the second oldest university of UK. It has about 23,000 students and half of it is engaged in PG research. Additionally, the university is the part of golden triangle with is made up of the three major universities of the UK namely, Universities of Oxford, Cambridge and London. This university is famous for its research work in the field of science and medicine.

Besides, there are as many as 19 universities of UK that secured their rank in the top 100 universities of the world. This speaks itself about the quality of the education these institutions impart. The next ten top ranking universities with their world ranking are also the top ranking universities for the international students especially Indian:

Top Ten Universities of UK with QS World Ranking

Sr Name Of University QS World Ranking
1 University of Manchester 27
2 King’s College, London 49
3 University of Warwick 61
4 University of Bristol 62
5 University of Glasgow 73
6 Monash University 58
7 University of Southampton 77
8 Durham University 82
9 University of Birmingham 90
10 University of St. Andrews 91


UK university degrees are best and world’s most popular study programs. Most demanding degrees in UK are as follows:

  • Hospitality and Tourism.
  • Natural Sciences.
  • Social Sciences.
  • Media and Communication.
  • Engineering and Technology.
  • Sports Science.


The UK university entry requirements vary depending on the type of the course you’re applying for, the academic level, your nationality, and the University you’re applying for. Here are the major UK university entry requirements:

  • Qualifications and Grades.
  • Entrance tests.
  • Language proficiency
  • ID documents.
  • Experience and references.
  • Interviews
  • Additional entry requirements.

Study In UK - Frequently Asked Questions

Which educational programs are good for Study in UK?

UK’s Universities are world renowned for their education programs in Science, IT, Law and management.

How can one apply for study in UK?

In order to study in UK one is needed to apply for the study abroad Permit. You may apply it Online or may also take the expert advice from an experienced consultant.

What are the main Intakes in UK?

There are two intakes in UK universities- One is September/October and other is January/February

Do UK universities offer scholarships?

Yes, Universities in UK do offer scholarships to the international students but to avail them one had to contact the concerned university. Most of these financial aids are dependent on nationality and the merit of the student.

Can I work In UK while doing my study?

As a full time international student you are permitted to work for 20 hours per week.

What is the role of UCAS?

This is a centralized admission service system – Universities and colleges admission services. For seeking admission in under graduate or post graduate course in UK universities one has to submit one’s application through UCAS.

Which are the top universities of UK?

As per the QS ranking, the top three universities of UK are University of Oxford, University of Cambridge and Imperial College, London.

Which City is the best for International Students?

With some of the most renowned educational institutes, London is considered to be the most student friendly cities in UK. It even toped the QS list of the best city in the world for the international students.

Can I get work Permit after completion of my study?

As per the immigration rule post completion, a student can get the permission to work up to 2 years under new post study work (PSW) Immigration program.

What is CAS?

CAS is confirmation of Acceptance for Studies. It is the most important document for getting student study permit of UK. A candidate can apply for study abroad permit only if he has secured CAS from a UK based University.

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