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An Aspirant’s journey commence with the short-listing of colleges and applying for the admission therein. In this journey receiving of letter of acceptance (LOA) is the first mile stone.  And, then starts the crucial part of the process – apply for study visa.

Our Visa Services

Besides, being the leading study visa and study abroad consultants, we also support our client in following way:

Cosmo Visa Assistance
  • Cosmo assists in the documentation, collecting relevant information from the clients, filling of all the necessary forms, drafting of the statement of purpose and all the necessary steps that are to be taken care of.
  • Some countries require personal interviews from the applicant; our team makes them prepared accordingly for the same. We conduct mock interview sessions for the students so that they do not get nervous and are well-prepared before appearing for the main interview.
  • We have a success rate close to 100%. And, it is only possible because we pay attention to every small detail before submitting the file.

Detailed information can be obtained from Country section of our page

Admittedly, applying for Study visa is quite challenging and time taking process. Additionally, different countries have different rules and regulations. Any omission can lead to an unwanted delay in study visa approval. Therefore, applying for study visa is a task that can be aptly handled by the experienced and expert team. This piece of work needs meticulous preparation of necessary documents. Moreover, the filling of various forms with accurate information also requires scrupulous planning and follow-up.

Overall, at Cosmo our dedicated team has in-depth knowledge and puts its best efforts in the VISA filing process. Clearly, the team is well-skilled in this field and sees to it that no loophole is left unplugged while applying for study abroad visa. 

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