Best Cities in Canada for International Students

Best Cities in Canada for International Students

This North American Country is home to some of the top-notch universities and colleges that impart industry-oriented education. Canadian Education System has been judged as one of the best study abroad destinations around the world. This article will let you know the best cities in Canada for international students.

Why study in Canada:

As mentioned above, Canada has emerged as the top international education destination among aspirants, and looking for the reasons is not a big deal. Let’s have a brief idea for it.

  • Canada is home to the top universities and colleges. As a result, its educational institutions rank high in the QS and TIME list on various parameters.  The University of Toronto, The Universities of Montreal, and even their colleges like Humber, VCC, KPU, NAIT, and SAIT are among the best colleges and universities around the world.
  • Canadian culture is very polite and unique: Canadian people are highly polite in their approach towards others especially those who are not native. Consequently, the people of this country respect and honor the gender, religion, or ethnicity of the people who come here either on work visas or study visas.
  • One more reason that makes student cast their dice in favor of Canada is the city life. The Cities in Canada are lively and vibrant and each city has its unique culture, Fair, and identity that gives it a unique place. Most cities have specific areas where you can easily find people of different communities and nationalities living according to their traditions and belief.
  • This is one more compelling reason why Canada is so popular among study-abroad aspirants. Canada’s Education system is industry-oriented and most of the courses have either co-op programs or apprenticeships. As a result, students easily get job opportunities once they complete their course.

Best Cities in Canada for International Students:  

Now it’s time to explore the best cities in Canada for international students. Interestingly, these cities have all the amenities that an international student aspires for.



In the QS ranking Toronto City is among the best cities for international students. It ranks 11th place and is among the first choice among international students. This city offers everything that an international student wishes for. Apart from the availability of a large number of well-known colleges and universities, the students get plenty of job opportunities. Some of the famous colleges in Toronto are:

Colleges in Toronto:

Universities in Toronto:



In Montreal, you can best find the feel of Europe in Canada. If you check its ranking in the QS list, the city of Montreal is pretty high and scores above Toronto in terms of student living index. Besides, high-quality educational programs, this city also offers you a better place to live.

Despite, being a metropolitan city, the quality of air is better than that of other Canadian big cities. You can find the lush green parks and a long line of trees that keep the city air breathable for the people. Additionally, Montreal also has a hub of several industries that offer ample employment opportunities to international students. Let’s have a look at the top colleges and universities.

Colleges in Montreal:

Universities in Montreal:



Like other cities in Canada, Vancouver also provides a host of opportunities for international students. Therefore it is among the best cities in Canada for international students. The city gives more than one reason for a study abroad destination for international students.

Like other major cities, Vancouver is committed to being a sustainable and green city. Apart from it, the city is famous for its diversity and zero tolerance for any form of discrimination. Once you are here, you would find it a city akin to that of America as it has a very competitive and efficient transportation and education system. Vancouver not only provides the best education facilities, but it also lets you explore the lucrative job opportunities

Colleges in Vancouver:

Universities in Vancouver:



The largest city in Alberta, Calgary is famous for its quality education, high-rise buildings, office complexes, and festival events like Calgary Stampede. The city lies in the south of Alberta and has its own International Airport. Besides, a well-developed surface transportation system, the city also has a rapid transit system which is Falmouth the name C-train.

Ae Calgary is the financial capital of Alberta Province, the city haa s large number of banks, financial institutions, real estate companies, and oil and natural gas corporate offices. As a result, the per capita income of this region of Canada is the s highest in the n whole e Canada. Here is the list of the colleges and universities in Calgary

Colleges/Universities in Calgary:



This relatively less known town is the capital and the largest city of Nova scotia province. The city is famous for its natural beauty, sea shores, quality education, and a lot of quality life. Unlike other cities in Canada, Halifax is the least crowded and you can explore nature and its landscape without being disturbed by others.

With some amazing parks and sea lines, the universities and colleges offer high-quality education. This city has the best of both worlds. It is quiet but has all the amenities a big city may boast. So, for those students who wish to enjoy quiet places and explore the breathtaking natural beauty along with the best of the education experience, Halifax may be your choice

Here is your list of Colleges and universities that you may consider while deciding to study in Canada.

Colleges/ Universities in Halifax:

So, these were some of the best cities in Canada for international students. Yet, the list does not end here and there may be more options for overseas education aspirants. Additionally, these cities have all the requirements needed for the international student’s point of view.

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