CBSE Result 2023 Live: Check Your CBSE 12th Result Online – Check 12th Result 2023

CBSE Result 2023

CBSE Result 2023: The CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) result is a highly anticipated annual event for millions of students across India who appear for the Class 10 and Class 12 board exams. These exams are conducted by the CBSE board, which is responsible for overseeing the education systems of schools affiliated with it.

The CBSE result 2023 is an important milestone for students as it determines their future academic and career prospects. Based on their performance in the board exams, students can decide on their career paths and pursue higher education abroad in their preferred field.

CBSE 12th Result 2023 is Live Now

Step-By-Step Guide About How to Download CBSE Results

As the CBSE Result approaches, students and parents alike are eagerly anticipating its release. So, here we are providing a step-by-step guide on how to check your CBSE result online.

Step 1: Visit the official CBSE website

The first step to checking your CBSE result 2023 online is to visit the official website of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). The website is Once you are on the website, look for the “Results” tab on the homepage and click on it.

Step 2: Click on the “Results” tab

Ensure your roll number and other necessary details are ready before checking your results online. After that click on the results tab.

Step 3: Please Input Your Roll Number Along with The Other Necessary Information.

Once you reach the CBSE results page, the website will prompt you to enter your roll number and other necessary details, such as your date of birth and school code. Once you have submitted your details, your results will be displayed on the screen.

Step 4: Verify your information and submit

Before you hit the submit button, make sure to verify all the information you have entered. Double-check your roll number, date of birth, and school code to ensure that they are correct.

Step 5: View and download your result

After submitting your details, you will be able to view and download your CBSE result for 2023. The result will include your marks in each subject and your overall percentage. You can also download a digital copy of your mark sheet for future reference. It is important to note that the online result is provisional and should be verified with the original mark sheet issued by your school.

Note: In case of any discrepancies, contact your school or the CBSE board immediately. Best of luck!

Career Options After The 12th CBSE Board Exam

Career Options After The 12th CBSE Board Exam

After completing the 12th CBSE board exams, students have a wide range of career options to choose from. Here are some of the popular career options that 12th board students can consider for their higher education:


Students who have a background in science and math can opt for engineering courses such as mechanical, electrical, civil, computer science, data science, and more.


Students who have an interest in medical science can opt for courses like MBBS, BDS, BAMS, BHMS, and more.


Students who have an interest in business and finance can opt for courses such as B.Com., B.BA., CA., CS., B.Arch., and more.


Students who have an interest in law can opt for courses like BA-LLB, BBA-LLB, and more.


Students who have an interest in design can opt for courses like fashion design courses, graphic design courses, interior design courses, footwear design courses, jewellery design courses, and more.


Students can also choose arts and literature and opt for courses such as BA, MA, journalism, and more.

These are some of the popular career options that students can consider after the CBSE board exams. But students need to explore their interests and strengths before choosing a career option.

Study Abroad Opportunities After 12th CBSE Board Exam

Study Abroad Opportunities After 12th CBSE Board Exam

Studying abroad after the 12th CBSE Board exams is an excellent opportunity for students. With a wide range of courses and universities available, students can choose the best program that fits their interests and career goals. Studying abroad also opens up new avenues for international internships and job opportunities for Indian students.

Frequently Asked Questions Answers

When Will the CBSE Board Announce the Results?

The CBSE board usually announces the results in the months of May or June, which is approximately two to three months after the completion of the exams. It is advisable for CBSE board students to regularly check the official CBSE website or news portals for updates on the result announcement.

What Is the Official Website for Checking CBSE Results?

The official website for checking CBSE results is This is the official result portal of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), where students can check their results for various CBSE exams, including Class 10, Class 12, and other entrance exams.

What Information Do I Need to Check My CBSE Result?

To check your CBSE result, you will need the following information. Firstly, you will be prompted to enter your roll number and other required details, such as your date of birth and school code, and center number after you have reached the CBSE results page.

You can check your CBSE result online on the official website of CBSE ( by entering the above information.

What Is the Passing Percentage for CBSE Board Exams?

The passing percentage for CBSE board exams is 33% for all subjects. As a result, students need to score at least 33% in each subject to pass the exam. In addition, the CBSE board follows a grading system to award grades to students based on their marks. The grading system ranges from A1 (highest) to E (lowest), with a corresponding grade point for each grade.

What Happens If I Fail in One Or More Subjects in The CBSE Exams?

If a student fails in one or more subjects in the CBSE exams, the CBSE board will require them to appear for a compartment exam. The compartment exam is a second chance the CBSE board provides to students who have failed one or two subjects.

If a student fails in three or more subjects, the CBSE board will declare them as failed, in that case, they will have to reappear for all the subjects in the next academic year.

Can I Apply for Revaluation or Rechecking of My CBSE Result?

Yes, CBSE provides the facility of applying for revaluation or rechecking of the answer scripts. Students who are dissatisfied with their marks can apply for revaluation or rechecking within a specified time frame after the declaration of the result.

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