Difference between a work visa and a work permit

work visa and work permit

Work permits or work visas, both these words have one thing in common, before doing a job in any country, permission has to be taken from the government of that country. The meaning of the words work permit and work visa is the same but there is a huge difference between these two words. Today we will learn the difference between a work visa and a work permit through this blog.

What is the work visa?

A work visa is a vital document for any person who wants to go abroad for a job. A work visa gives a legal right to any person to work in any country. It allows an individual to switch careers but certain conditions apply, such as notifying the immigration authorities. Work visas have a validity period that depends on the country and the specific visa category. Some are granted short-term permission while others grant permanent residency. It is the responsibility of immigrants to choose between a work permit and a work visa based on their specific circumstances and long-term goals.

work visa and work permit

What is a work permit?

A work permit is also known as an employment authorization document. The work permit is a document that gives legal permission to work in any country. It is only available for a specific period. This document is tied to a particular job offer, employer, and location. The work permit is issued for a limited period i.e. a few months or a few years. Renewal is possible but it depends on specific rules and eligibility criteria. In some cases, individuals may obtain a work permit without a job offer through programs such as Optional Practical Training for International Students in the United States.

work visa and work permit

Types of Work Permit

  • LMIA

  • The definition of LMIA is Labor Market Impact Assessment. It is a document that permits one to go to any foreign country and work. An LMIA work permit is obtained only when the company provides a proper offer letter to an employee.

  • On-sight companies

  • An On-sight visa means that if a company sends you to a foreign country to complete a company project, then the Onsight visa is used for that. Companies provide foreign visas to their employees. For example, I work in a multinational company and my company is sending me to America for a project, so my company will provide me with an on-site visa to go to America. An on-site visa is for a limited-time visit.

  • Open work permit

  • An open work permit means that if a person is studying in a foreign country and gets married in the meantime, he can call his partner along with him, and he will have legal permission from the government of that country.

    Understanding the Differences between a work permit and a work visa

    • A work permit gives us entry to stay in any country for some limited period but a work visa gives us permanent residency.
    • Visas are for a variety of purposes such as tourism, study, and business, but permits are specifically for employment-related activities.
    • To work legally in any foreign country, a person needs a visa to enter and stay there and a work permit to engage in employment.
    • A visa is a document that describes that a person is allowed to visit a country for a specific purpose for a specific period and a work permit is a legal document that allows a person to work in a country for a limited period.
    • A visa is a stamped and signed document required for entry of any person into a country and a visa is granted by the immigration authorities of the country.

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