Documents Required for Study Abroad

Documents Required for Study Abroad

The globalization of the economy has also led to the expansion of higher education. The demand for highly competitive courses and easy access to these courses has further created the scope for opportunities to study abroad. Today more youth, than ever before, aspire to complete their higher studies from one of the top universities and colleges from countries such as:

  • U.S.A
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • New Zealand
  • U.K
  • Ireland.

Some universities in Europe are also hot destinations for overseas students. The reason for this trend seems obvious

  • The higher quality of life,
  • Low crime rate,
  • Government-supported health infrastructure,
  • Industry Oriented professional education and above all the prospect of PR.

In order to make this dream come true, one is required to pass through a certain process that prompts the presentation of a set of documents to the immigration authorities. So that the applicant could be judged and allowed to get the visa. Though different countries and different educational institutions demand a different set of documents. There are some documents which are common to all the countries and universities. Therefore, our suggestion is that a proper review of these documents is very necessary. Here, you would find a list of documents that an aspirant would expect to keep ready to make their journey hassle-free to the chosen country.

Application form

This computer-generated form does have the field related to the information about the candidate. We advise that the candidate should fill this form before getting a print. He has to fill all the fields online. Your application form will fetch you the much-needed letter of approval from the college you have chosen for the desired educational program.

All other things depend upon this letter. A Prospect student can apply for Visa or study permit only after receiving a letter of approval from a designated institute of learning. Thus, the filling-up of all necessary field in a clear and concise way would smoothen your efforts towards your destination.


We suggest an aspirant to arrange all his high school {10th grade}, intermediate {12th grade} certificates and mark sheet if he is seeking an undergraduate course. One should be ready with one’s bachelor degree and mark sheet for the admission to a Postgraduate course. He should arrange all the attested photocopies and original academic certificates in the dedicated folder both in hard-copy as well as in soft-copy.

Language proficiency scorecard

This is the primary and vital test card one has to successfully score. Students whose first language is not English, are required to pass a test of English proficiency as proof. So that they can be convinced that the English language would not be a barrier in their studies during their educational program.

The scorecard of IELTS, GRE, GMAT or TOFEL are the pre-requested for the application of study-permit. A prospect student is advised to check the score or band needed in a particular University or for a particular educational program. This would help him in the preparation to score the desired band or marks.

Statement of purpose (SOP)

In most cases statement of purpose (SOP), plays a deciding role in getting a university or college of one’s choice. As this piece of document is scrutinized thoroughly by the study permit committee, its proper scripting is very necessary. A good SOP can brighten the chance of entry into a chosen university.

This is a brief piece of writing that allows an insight into:

  • The purpose of choosing a particular university,
  • The reason for choosing a particular educational program,
  • What are the future planning and research goals,

As, it is also a “letter of intent”, the narrative should be honest, professional and elaborate.

Most of the colleges and universities chose SOP as a deciding factor, therefore, one is advised to prepare it thoroughly under the guidance of individuals or firms that knows the ins and out of it and can help and guide you to prepare an implacable and effective SOP.

Letter of recommendation

A good letter of recommendation from the school authority or from the management where one has worked is of added advantage. This letter covers the highlight with a certain feature of one’s personality and capabilities. That would help a candidate to score extra marks during the crucial decision-making process. This letter comes very handy, especially when a candidate is seeking admission in some post-graduate course where the internship is part of the regular curriculum.


Though it sounds very weird to ask a student who has just passed his 12th grade to prepare and work on the resume, yet, one of the requirements is the list of documents needed to be presented before immigration and the university admission authority. A well-crafted resume that covers the academic and extracurricular achievement along with the certificate of social work mark the application of the candidate very effectively and help him to stand out from the crowd of the students. So, get ready with the resume of at least two pages that highlights and list of the things discussed above.

Passport-sized photographs

This item remains out of focus and most of the candidates tend to overlook them till it becomes a big source of unnecessary annoyance and tension. The immigration authority and university admission committee are very particular. And there is a need of the specific size and background color of the photograph. With these documents, any negligence on this part may lead to unnecessary delay. Therefore, a prospect student is advised to check the correct specification about the size and background color of passport size photographs.

Medical report/ certificate

Every country has its set of rules and regulations regarding overseas students. Which may include the procurement of medical certificates from the designated center, medical insurance cover and vaccination certificate. We advise the student to go through the rules thoroughly. Or get the help of a professional firm so that timely compliance with this requirement may save time and resources.

Financial certificate

Additionally, this is again an important document a prospect candidate needs to be cautious about. As most of the students chose to finance their study abroad program through an “education loan”, a valid document to support your claim and to convince the visa permitting authority is a “must-have” requirement. One should collect the loan approval and should carry the letter of approval. So one can present them to the concerned authority as and when required.

Travel documents

Not the least, one should to keep all his photo ID such as

  • Pancard,
  • Valid passport,
  • Visa,
  • Driving license
  • Travel ticket,
  • Travel insurance etc ready

This may also include the international student number allocated to you by your college and a letter of acceptance from the concerned university.

One should not forget to recheck these documents at least twice. And if possible,visit to a professional firm and they would check them thoroughly. Your decision to study abroad can open new vistas for growth and prosperity, proper maintenance of these documents will make it easier.

If you need any help or guidance regarding your study abroad program, you may contact us. Visit which is a highly professional study abroad consultants firm. Or may give us a call on the given phone numbers 9876291190, 9792000004.

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