How to work and study in Canada?

There is always the best way to learn a language or to understand a culture is full immersion. Canada is becoming the best choice for the students as study destination. Study in Canada can help them in improving their English and get familiar with North American culture.  However, you can just not book a ticket and move to Canada, There is a lot involved along with number of steps that you need to follow to ensure that you are eligible to study and work in Canada.

Step 1 – Choose the Right School to study in Canada

The prominent that you need to do is to choose the right You must select right Designated Learning Institution (DLI). Also, Immigration and Citizenship Canada (CIC) provides a genuine and certified list of schools that are approved by the provincial government who are responsible to host international students. Now you can sort the institutes as on:

  • price,
  • reputation,
  • available courses,
  • acceptance rates,
  • language requirements,
  • the opportunities and availability to work
  • and if there are any possibility to apply for a Post graduation program.

Step 2 – Participate in Language Proficiency Test and Apply in Universities

Once you have chosen your desired institute which meets your education needs, contact the institution directly (via email, contact form or phone) to apply for your likeable courses or programs.

Step 3 – Receive your Letter of Acceptance (LOA)

After your application acceptance, your DLI will release a Letter of Acceptance (LOA). It is an official document necessary for a Study Visa for Canada as mentioned in the CIC website.

Step 4 – Apply for Study and Work Permit for Canada

If your college or university offers you the privilege to work on both work and study visa for Canada. You need to note that all DLIs don’t offer you to work while your studies in Canada. To be eligible to have the part-time jobs you can do following things.

  • Get enroll in a co-op program which allows you to work part-time while studying and full time jobs during the co-op period.
  • As an international student you can work off campus if you are enrolled in post secondary academic, vocational or professional training programs or a degree program, diploma or certificate course of 6 months duration.

The study visa application is always extensive and highly detailed. So, you need to submit the numerous documents which includes:

  • The Letter of Acceptance, 
  • Your passport,
  • Employment information (in your country),
  • Letter of intention,
  • Financial statements,
  • Assets etc. as mentioned in the CIC website.

Once approved, you will receive your study permits in your country. Now you can finally book your flight and pack your suitcases to study in Canada.

Step 5 – Work and study Visa for married ones

If you are married and your spouse wants to join you in Canada, you can look up for a couple of options that they can pursue if they want to work here while you study.

  1. Apply for a visa known as Open Work Permit which allows them to work full-time as spouse is enrolled in a DLI. Although, not every DLI will allow your spouse to avail an Open Work Permit, so research properly. The application procedure is very much similar to the visa application procedures.
  2. IEC Work Holiday Visa  – Using this IEC program, your spouse has the opportunity to apply for a work holiday visa. Canada is in agreements with 30+ countries and foreign territories for 18-35 years ages people to work and travel in Canada getting invaluable life experience in international work.

Just note that all of these procedures take time. It will likely take about 3 months to complete all of this. But, take on the safer side, start the process of study visa for Canada beforehand from 6 months  you want to come to study in Canada!

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