Top 10 Canadian Universities Accepting PTE Test Result

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Canada is a well-renowned country for students who have the aim of studying abroad and is one of the best options for students who want to raise their academic and career opportunities. Non-native English-speaking students who want to study in Canada will always face the first challenge of clearing an English Language Proficiency testlike the IELTS, or the PTE Academic Test. After August 2023, Canadian Universities have started accepting the PTE or Pearson's Test of English for admission purposes. This development opens a new path for students to realize their dream of studying in Canada.

In this blog post, we will explore the 10 Best Canadian Universities which now accept PTE as proof of language proficiency, but first, let’s find out why Canada stands out as the perfect country for students willing to pursue their education abroad.

Why Study in Canada?

First and foremost, Canada’s wide range of programs at various levels, from undergraduate to postgraduate, across disciplines, is well-known. Canadian Universities and Colleges prioritize research and innovation, requiring students to engage in cutting-edge projects to gain hands-on experience. The country is ideal for students interested in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields because many Canadian institutions collaborate with industry partners, offering students practical experience and exposure to real-world challenges.

Furthermore, as a student in Canada, you will find yourself in an inclusive and multicultural environment celebrated for its rich cultural diversity, where people come from various ethnicities and coexist harmoniously. This diversity is often reflected in the country’s cuisine, festivals and everyday life.

Additionally, Canada is renowned for its breathtaking natural landscapes, offering students the opportunity to explore diverse ecosystems and enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing, and watching different wildlife species, from the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific and Atlantic coasts. The country’s commitment to environmental sustainability is evident in its clean cities and emphasis on eco-friendly practices.

Other important aspects which can help a student choose Canada, are its consistently high rankings in various quality of life indexes. Moreover, Canada is known for its safe and welcoming cities, excellent healthcare, and social services, ensuring students can enjoy a high standard of living while feeling secure in their surroundings.

Canada also offers several pathways like Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP), Express Entry System, Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs), Canadian Education and Experience Points (CRS), Global Talent Stream (GTS) for international students to stay back and potentially gain permanent residency and even Canadian citizenship after completing their education.

To conclude we can now be sure that all these aspects make Canada a land of dreams for any student willing to move abroad for higher education. Now let’s see what top universities can clear the PTE Academic Test to get you in.

Top-Ten Universities Accepting PTE Academic Test Scores


Canadian Universities are globally recognized for their high quality, diverse programs, and welcoming environment. This list is made considering and analyzing their academic Excellence, Diversity of Programs, Research Opportunities, Multicultural Environment, post-graduate opportunities, Global Recognition and Student Support Services.

It must be noted all these universities prioritize student well-being and success, providing extensive support services, including academic advising, career counselling, and resources for mental health and wellness, to ensure that students can thrive academically and personally.

1- University of British Columbia

Location – The UBC has two campuses the primary and the larger campus in Vancouver (BC) and the second one in the city of Kelowna in the Okanagan Valley (BC)

Accepted PTE Academic Test scores –Minimum overall score of 65, with no module less than 60

2- University of Alberta

Location – Edmonton, Alberta. There are 5 other campuses as well and all are situated in Alberta, Canada.

Accepted PTE Academic Test scores –At least 61, with no less than 60 in each module

3- University of Waterloo

Location – The main campus is situated in Waterloo, Ontario, while the other two are based in Kitchener, ON & Cambridge ON, Canada.

Accepted PTE Academic Test scores –Overall 63, with 65 must in both speaking and writing modules

4- McMaster University

Location – All the campuses are situated in Hamilton, Ontario

Accepted PTE Academic Test scores –Overall 60 with a minimum 60 in both writing and speaking

5- University of Ottawa

Location – All Campuses are located in Ottawa, Ontario.

Accepted PTE Academic Test scores –Overall 60 and 60 minimum in writing

6- Queen’s University

Location – Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Accepted PTE Academic Scores –Overall 60

7- York University

Location –Both the campuses are based in Toronto, Ontario

Accepted PTE Academic Scores –Overall 60

8- Concordia University

Location – 2 Campuses both based in Montreal, Quebec

Accepted PTE Academic Scores –Overall 61 with no module less than 53

9- University of Guelph

Location – 2 Campuses with the main & primary campus based in Guelph, Ontario, while the second one, a collaborative venture with Humber College in Toronto is based in Etobicoke, Ontario.

Accepted PTE Academic Scores –Overall 60 with no score less than 60 in each module

10- University of Manitoba

Location – All 3 campuses are based in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Accepted PTE Academic Scores –Overall 60

So, here we have included all the top 10 Universities in Canada accepting PTE Academic Test Result Scores for Admission. For more detailed information about Canadian College’s language proficiency test result requirements, Indian students can book a free counselling session with Cosmo Consultants.

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We at Cosmo Consultants are known all over the country for our excellence in ensuring students achieve success in their PTE/IELTS test to open doors to exciting opportunities in education and beyond. Our classes are strategically designed to empower students with the skills and methods which are needed to excel in these English Proficiency Tests. Our experienced instructors employ a comprehensive approach that covers all aspects of the test, from mastering English to honing test- taking techniques.

Furthermore, through our personalized guidance, we make sure that our students gain confidence in their abilities in each section of the test, ultimately leading to improved scores. Lastly, our goal is not only to impart knowledge but also to instill students with confidence and competence. Our comprehensive and strategic study plans, expert trainers, and personal guidance have helped hundreds of students like you clear their PTE & IELTS Tests and fulfill their dream of studying in countries like Canada, Australia, the UK, the USA, New Zealand, and many more.

How Cosmo Consultants Can Help You to Get Admission to Your Dream University in Canada

By now you might have understood that the universities mentioned above are not just the 10 best ones in Canada but are all also renowned globally. Securing admission to these best universities in Canada can be a dream come true for many students and at Cosmo Consultants, we can help you secure admission in Canadian colleges. From helping you with your PTE preparation, getting admission, obtaining a student visa and even with the pre-departure formalities we have got you covered.

Feel free to Contact Us directly or through our email to book a free counselling session which can be your first step towards your dream of studying abroad.

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