New part-time work rule in Canada starting November 2022


Here is a great news for over five lakh international students who are studying in Canada. Likewise, this one is also for those who are planning to move here for their study abroad program. In fact, the Government of Canada has recently announced a host of measures including lifting a restriction on working hours during their semester study. So the new provision would allow an international student to work at off-campus locations for more than 20 hours per week. Starting from 15 November 2022, this temporary provision is up to 31 Dec 2023. So, as per the new part-time work rule in Canada, now international students can work more than 20 hours per week starting 15 November 2022.

New part-time work rule in Canada:


Though it is a temporary provision, the new part-time rule in Canada is going to help both overseas students and the Canadian economy alike. Presently the students are allowed to work only up to 20 hours of off-campus jobs per week during their semester time. This limit goes to 40 hours per week during the semester break. But now, the new provision starting from November 15th, 2022 would allow about five lakh international students to work more than 20 hours per week during their studies.

Canada’s Labor problem:

If we go back to 2020, we can discern that the Covid-19 pandemic brought an unprecedented labor crunch in the Canadian economy. During the next two years, Canada’s economy struggled to overcome this situation. Currently, despite the lowest level of unemployment, there is still a big shortage of labor force to run the economy. The new part-time rule in Canada would ease the current labor crisis.

Canada Study permits program:

Every year Canada issues study permits to a large number of overseas students. These students from numerous countries not only get quality education but also contribute by joining the working force of this country. Every year the IRCC, its immigration agency process and approves more than fine hundred thousand applications to permit study and part-time work in the land of Canada.

The government has newly announced that Canada has already processed more than 452,000 study permit applications between January and August of 2022. Which is 23 percent up in comparison to the 367,000 applications processed over the same period in the previous year. As such, Canada has already broken the record it set last year for study permits processed in a calendar year.

International Students in Canada:


Canada is among the world’s leading destinations for international students. Last year in 2021, Canadian institutes were imparting education to over 620,000 international students. Actually, this is a figure which has become three times over the past two decades.

International Students and Immigration:

While Canada has been the top destination for international students, it is also the most preferred place to get settled after the completion of their studies. The local statistics clearly show that most international students like to stay in Canada for getting international work experience.

Statistics research clearly shows that overseas students who go on to acquire permanent residence tend to integrate quickly into the Canadian labor market due to factors such as their Canadian work and study experience, and their language proficiency in either English or French.

PGWP provisions and PR Ship in Canada:


As per Canada’s IRCC regulation all international students who completed their study from designated learning institutes are allowed to apply for a post-study work visa. Notably, depending upon the duration of their study program, the duration of this work visa ranges from one year to three years.

There is of great importance as the work experience gathered here would help in getting the PR in Canada. Remember, to apply for Canadian PR Ship, a candidate or an international student needs to complete 1560 hours of work experience. Thus, the PGWP holders can gain the professional Canadian work experience that they would need to become eligible for an economic-class immigration program. For international students, the most prominent immigration way is through the express entry system.

Canada’s response to Labor shortage:

As discussed above, Canada has been reeling from the labor shortage and the government there is working overnights to ensure sufficient labor supply to its industry. For this, the immigration department has even devised ways and rules to encourage temporary work visa holders to apply for permanent residence ship. The recent ruling is also in line with the need for more working trained and skilled people. Therefore, the new part-time work rule in Canada is in response to addressing the labor crisis constructively.

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