Best Study Abroad Consultants in Lucknow

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Cosmo Consultants is a well-known Abroad consultant in India that helps many students fulfill their dreams of studying abroad every year. Cosmo consultants have always been giving very effective results. In today's modern times, the biggest problem for all students is to choose the right path to achieve their goals. In today's era of increasing competition, we have brought a study-abroad consultant to Lucknow. Cosmo Consultants always aims to provide a good environment to the students provide them with the right guidance and help them achieve their dreams. The biggest objective of Cosmo Consultants is to provide the right guidance and help to students who want to study abroad in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand to complete their higher education.

Cosmo Consultants is working as a support to a huge extent and provides a lot of services to students like-

Best IELTS Preparation Institute in Lucknow

If a student wants to go abroad to complete their higher education, the first step is to improve their English level to qualify for a mortgage abroad. In the same sequence, IELTS is an English proficiency test that is conducted to check the English level of the student. The main purpose of this exam is to check the English language ability of the student. It is known through this exam whether the student is eligible to go abroad or not. In the last few years, students of our institute have been giving many excellent results in the IELTS exam. Cosmo Consultants is one of the best abroad study consultants in Lucknow city.

Best PTE Preparation Institute in Lucknow

Although there are many exams to check the English level, there are two important exams that are necessary for every country, one of which is the PTE Exam. Cosmo Consultants has been giving very good results every year in the PTE exam and working as a Best Study consultant in Lucknow.

Counseling sessions in Lucknow

Cosmo organizes free counseling sessions In Lucknow to gauge the interest of most students in which they clear all the doubts related to studying abroad. Cosmo helps the students as a mentor which enables them to choose the right career path.

Finance Assistance

Some students need a loan for financial help, in such a situation Cosmo guides them on how to apply for the loan.

Visa Assistance

Cosmo guides visa filing and also helps in the application process visa filling.


First of all, with the help of counseling, we find out which course the student wants to do from which college and which country. After this, we complete the admission process at the university by following the same admission process.

Pre-Departure guidance

Cosmo is committed to making sure you feel supported every step of your study abroad journey. Proper preparation for your studies overseas is vital to your success. Cosmo wants you to have the tools you need for your best possible study experience. That’s why our counselors are always available to answer your queries and help settle your nerves and Cosmo hosts pre-departure briefings throughout the year to help you prepare for life in your new country. Cosmo provides guidance and support on everything from travel arrangements to carrying personal essentials and cultural preparation. Our team of experts has extensive knowledge of the study abroad experience and we use this knowledge to help students prepare for a successful transition to their new environment.

Why Study Abroad?

  • High quality of life
  • Affordable cost of living
  • World-renowned higher education
  • Cultural diversity
  • Beautiful weather and environment
  • Internationally recognized degrees
  • Earn your Degree on your Timeline.
  • Multicultural society

Why Cosmo Consultants For Study Abroad?

  • Cosmo consultants offer no filing fee for Canada.
  • We offer detailed practice exams and a performance-based action plan.
  • Cosmo Consultants has over 12 years of expertise in exam preparation.
  • We have experienced and professional academic members.
  • Cosmo consultants use a well-structured instruction method that may facilitate simple and easy learning.

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