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Pilibhit is a city located in the Pilibhit district of Uttar Pradesh, India. It is situated in the northern part of the state. The city is known for its rich history, diverse culture, and natural beauty. In recent years, there has been substantial growth in the number of Pilibhit students studying abroad and overseas education consultants in Pilibhit as well.

Studying abroad is a life-changing experience that offers numerous benefits, including personal growth, cultural exposure, and professional development. However, navigating the study abroad process can be overwhelming, especially for small-city students in India like Pilibhit who are unfamiliar with the overseas education process. Students who want to study in Europe are always in search of which consultancy is best for studying abroad. How much does it cost to study abroad for Indian students? That’s where study abroad consultants in Pilibhit come in, to help students make informed decisions and steer the application process for study abroad.

In Pilibhit, one overseas education consultant that stands out for its exceptional services and track record is Cosmo Consultants. We are a trusted name in the field of study abroad services. And, provide expert guidance to students who wish to pursue higher education in countries such as the Study in Canada, Study in Australia, Study in UK and Study in USA.

How Do I Choose the Best Study Abroad Consultants in Pilibhit ?


Choosing the best study abroad consultants in Pilibhit is an important decision that requires careful consideration of several factors. Choose student visa consultants with a good reputation and experience, personalized services, a trained and experienced team, a strong network of universities, a high success rate, and transparent pricing. With the right study abroad consultants, you can have a hassle-free and successful experience studying overseas.

Why Is Cosmo Consultant the Best Study Abroad Consultant in Pilibhit ?

People widely regard Cosmo Consultant as the best study abroad consultant in Pilibhit for several good reasons.

The top reason why it is the best study abroad consultant in Pilibhit is its commitment to understanding each student’s individual needs and goals. We take the time to listen to each student and understand their academic background, interests, and career aspirations.

India’s highly experienced overseas education consultants are on our board. Each study abroad consultant possesses years of experience in the education sector. And, has a good understanding of the study abroad process.

Moreover, Cosmo Consultant has a strong network of partnerships with top universities around the world. This means that we assure our students of finding a program that suits their needs and interests.

Furthermore, we provide comprehensive support services to students throughout the study abroad process. This includes assistance with visas and travel arrangements, pre-departure orientation, and post-arrival support. Students can be assured that they are in good hands throughout their study abroad journey.

Last but not least, Cosmo – the top Education consultant in Pilibhit commitment to providing high-quality services has resulted in a high success rate for its students.

All these major points make Cosmo Consultants the best study abroad consultancy in Uttar Pradesh. So, if you are looking for the best study abroad consultants in Pilibhit, Cosmo Consultant should be your go-to choice.

Services Offered by Cosmo Overseas Education Consultants in Pilibhit


Our study abroad services are designed to guide and help students make informed decisions about their foreign education dreams. The most important thing is that Cosmo, the leading overseas education consultant, provides free study-abroad counselling.

India’s best abroad consultant for studying abroad offers the following services:

University Selection

The Cosmo consultant provides detailed information to students about universities, including their ranking, course offerings, scholarships for Indian students, fees, and admission requirements.

Application Assistance

Applying to universities can be a daunting process, especially for students who are unfamiliar with the study abroad process. Cosmo Consultant provides comprehensive assistance with the application process, including help with preparing and submitting applications, writing essays and SOPs, and gathering necessary documents.

Admission Guidance

Once the application process is complete, we guide students through the admission process, which includes preparing for interviews, following up on admission decisions, and accepting offers.

Visa and Travel Assistance

Cosmo consultants assist with student visa and travel arrangements.

Pre-departure Orientation

Before departure, provide students with a pre-departure orientation to help them prepare for their new life abroad.

Post-Arrival Support

Cosmo consultants provide post-arrival support to help students settle in and adjust to their new surroundings.

From university selection to post-arrival support, our consultants guide students through the entire study abroad process and help in making it a stress-free and rewarding experience for students.

Cosmo Consultants – The Best IELTS Coaching in Pilibhit


IELTS is a popular English language proficiency test that measures the ability of non-native speakers to communicate in English. It is an essential requirement for students who are planning to study abroad. If you’re looking for the best IELTS coaching in Pilibhit, you can count on Cosmo Consultant.

Furthermore, Cosmo Consultant is a top study abroad consultant in Pilibhit that offers the best IELTS coaching services to students and professionals and helps them to excel in the IELTS exam.

Our experienced IELTS trainers provide personalized coaching, the best IELTS study material, and regular IELTS mock tests to help students improve their language skills and score better on the IELTS exam in Pilibhit.

Cosmo Consultants: The Best Study Abroad and Study Visa Consultants in North India

The corporate office of Cosmo Consultants is located in Bareilly. This corporate office also serves as a support centre for its branches in Lakhimpur-Kheri (UP), Ratia (Haryana), Gwalior (MP), Bazpur (Uttarakhand), Delhi (NCR) and Mansa (Punjab). For More information about study abroad you can call at +91-9876291190, +91-9792000004

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