Top Colleges in Quebec for International Students

 Study-in-Quebec for International Students

Canada’s educational system is well-known through-out the world and so is the education in its provinces. So, among its provinces, Quebec holds a special status that makes it Unique and desirable from the study abroad students’ perspective. This article will not only talk about the top colleges in Quebec for international students, it will also throw light on why choosing Quebec as their study abroad destination, may be a game changer in their life. That is why, more than 40,000 international students choose Quebec as their study abroad destination.

What is special about Quebec?

Actually, it is a predominantly French speaking province of Canada where medium of instruction in education is French and English language. As a result, a new comer can have a feel of authentic French Culture and living conditions. Once, being a colony of France, this province has strong influence of French culture.

 Study-in-Quebec for International Students

Why Study in Quebec?

Over the years, Quebec has been developed as a leading province of Canada in terms of Economic, Scientific, Technical and Educational development. Following facts are the proof to corroborate the position of this province as a dominant player in the field of economy and education.

  1. Firstly, approximately 60% of Canada’s aerospace industry is concentrated in this province. Consequently, Quebec attracts the best brain in aviation and aerospace industry and educational institutions. Its university not only offers world class courses in these fields but also offer very lucrative jobs.
  2. Then, about 52% of Canada’s telecommunication companies are in Quebec province itself making it the preferred location for the telecommunication giants to set up new ventures. Hence, you can expect world class educational programs as well as a large number of job opportunities in this field.
  3. Quebec is also very rich in minerals and accordingly, it host more than 158 companies in this industry. Hence, there is no surprise to see big job opportunities for the befitting diploma holders in this province.
  4. Quebec also holds a dominant position through the presence of pulp and paper industry. Apart from it Agro-food and pharmaceutical industry are also the leading industries that generate large number of jobs opportunities.
  5. Additionally, the other major job generating industries are hydro power and tourism. In fact, Quebec attracts the third largest spending by the foreign visitors.

Hence, the presence of well developed industrial base has created a mammoth service industry set –up. This in turn, has given rise to the demand for the well trained and aptly diploma holders in the multifarious fields.

Benefits of Studying in Quebec as an International Student:

 Study-in-Quebec for International Students

There is not just one but are multifarious benefits of studying in Quebec. Here is a list of a few of them:

  1. The tuition fee colleges and universities in Quebec province is less when we compare to that of other provinces of Canada.
  2. Next, cost of living in Quebec is the lowest among all the provinces of Canada.
  3. Wide range of educational programs are available both in English and French language.
  4. Quebec, like any part of Canada, is full of natural beauty and as an international student. You would have plethora of options on your weekends.
  5. Quebec is very rich in terms of Culture. The intricacies of French culture are explicitly visible in Quebec society.
  6. Quebec is the home to the globally recognized colleges and universities. The education system in this province is undoubtedly per excellent.
  7. It is the only province of Canada that allow post graduate work permit to the students of both public and private colleges
  8. Again, an important reason to choose Quebec- the shorter duration of degree program. Yes, unlike in other Canadian province, Quebec offers degree program with 3 year duration. It means a student saves a complete one year on degree program.
  9. Again, the PR (Permanent Residence) rules in Quebec are easy and flexible. Which increase the chance to getting Canadian PR in less time.
  10. Also, opportunity to learn French language. As we all know, French is one of the finest and sweetest languages and there are ample of institutes that teach this language at a very minimum cost. Even the government of Quebec also encourages learning this language by providing students free access to these institutes.

The list does not end here; there are more benefits of studying in Quebec than a person just think about.

Top Colleges in Quebec:

LaSalle College:

This is the largest pre-university colleges of North America and has its main campus in Montreal. The College strength is its highly qualified and experienced faculty that supports it’s over 60 different educational programs. So, the diversity of the college can be gauged from the fact that every year about 35% of the seats are filled by the international students. First among the top colleges in Quebec, It is famous for the diploma in Fashion marketing, Hotel Management and Tourism, VFX and game design, and E-Learning.

Matrix College of Management, Technology and Healthcare:

Matrix College, situated in Montreal. It’s a private college with DLI number that makes it a favorite destination for the post secondary courses. The most popular professional courses offered for graduate and post graduate level are two year diploma in Computer Science Technology –Computer Testing, Diploma in Global Supply Management. The master courses are Computer Science technology – (Fast Track), Civil Engineering Technology (Fast Track) and Global Supply Management (Fast Track). All these programs offer intensive hands on training to make student skilled and job ready.

CEGEP Marie Victorin:

This public funded college is well known for its high end training to help student be very competent in job market. It is also among the top colleges in Quebec. The major educational programs are in Interior design, early child care education, Graphics, fashions-design, marketing, production, physiotherapy, professional music and social work. Apart from this, the college also offers educational programs in language and applied arts. The college encourages students to be professionally competent and personally fit.

Aviron Technical Institute:

This is well reputed trade school of Quebec that is known for the use of high end technology to train its students. As the students are centre of all activities, its courses are high in demand. Besides training aviation mechanics, this trade college is also holds high place in other important trades such as automobiles, Electricity, plumbing and heating, and welding & fitting.

College National of Science and Technology:

This newly built trade college is in the heart of Montreal. And, aims to provide quality education in the field of information technology. The burgeoning demand for IT professional prompted the college to upscale itself. Today it welcomes international students from across the world and offers market-driven education. The college is a DLI which ensures that graduates from this college are eligible for PGWP.

CSSQ College:

This is one of the oldest and largest colleges of Quebec. Its two campuses are in Sherbrooke and Longueuil and both are well-known for their professional teaching experience. Those who look for the professional education in the field of accountancy and secretariat, nothing can be better than the courses from these campuses. The secretarial studies with the specialization in Legal and medical are considered to the best in Whole Canada.

TREBAS Institute:

This College is well respected and well in demand both among students and employers. This college has been reckoned as one of the top colleges in Quebec. Following its tag lines”Nurturing talents and developing leaders since 1979” the institute truly churns out some of the best talent especially in the programs such as Music, Events, Audio, Film making and entertainment programs. Though, it has two campuses in Canada, one in Montreal and other is in Toronto, only, the educational programs at Montreal are eligible for PGWP work permit.

M College:

With a motto to make student job ready, the college customized its education program to align with the requirement of local and national industries. The college has its campus at LaSalle, Montreal which is ranked as one of the best student friendly cities in Canada. Along with excellent education experience, the college also provides advanced internship, and other networking activities to create vast job opportunities for its graduates. Some of the notable educational programs are project management, business management, multi media integration, graphic communication and early childhood education.

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