Top Reasons to Study in Edinburgh


For those who wish to experience their higher education journey in a place where a good deal of natural surroundings, Edinburgh can be an ideal choice. In fact, in terms of natural beauty, this city comes second to none. Thus, the capital of scenic Scotland, Edinburgh is one of the best places where International students can complete their study abroad dreams. So, in this piece of writing, we will explore the top reasons to study in Edinburgh.

Top Reasons to Study in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is Less Crowded:

No doubt, this city has a very less population when we compare it to London. It means you can enjoy your space and there is no overcrowded public transportation system and marketplace. Thus, when you are in Edinburgh, you can move at your own pace and enjoy the stunning surrounding. So, you would find less crowded tube stations and marketplaces.

Transport is cheap in Edinburgh:

It may surprise you and give you one of the top reasons to study in Edinburgh. Yes, public transport here is quite cheap in comparison to that of other cities in the UK. Unlike London and Manchester, the bus card helps you to save a good amount of money. The city is small enough that you can easily cover it by your bicycle.

World Class Education in Edinburgh:


The one thing, which makes this city so special is the quality of education that the institutions here impart. You would be surprised to see that despite being centuries old, these universities and colleges have a modern outlook. If we see them through the QS ranking, these universities enjoy very high rank. And the University of Edinburgh ranks in the top 20 top-notch universities in the world.

Plenty of Job Opportunities in Edinburgh:

This seems to be the best part of studying in Edinburgh as almost all the educational programs are job linked. Thus, while pursuing a graduate or postgraduate course, the employability of the course is always taken care of. And, as a result, the graduates are never a shortage of job offers on the completion of their education program. The universities-Industry close tie helps the students to have

Stunning Natural Scenes in Edinburgh:

This is one of the top reasons to study in Edinburgh. There is no doubt that Scotland is the greenest region of the UK. And, so is true with Edinburgh, the capital city. Here, would hardly find any place which would not be dotted with trees. Actually, for ages, this city has preserved its roots and did not let the rampant real estate growth mar its historical heritage. As a result, the city has a large number of parks where you can reconnect with nature and immerse yourself.

Museums and Art Galleries in Edinburgh:

Those who know that education does not alone come from classroom lectures, this city offers great ways of learning. Edinburgh has a large number of museums and art galleries that not only promote local talents but also house the works of the great who made their name in the history of this country. The educational institutions even encourage the students to explore these museums and galleries as a part of their curriculum. Once you are there, you would be surprised to see the grandeur and collections of these pieces of history.

People are Friendly and welcoming in Edinburgh:

Unlike other parts of the UK, Edinburgh has a unique sense of welcome. They are friendlier and open to the people and rather help them to be a part of this historic city. While moving out of your educational areas you would be happy to see people acknowledging you and even giving you a friendly smile. Generally, people love to invite guests and they feel honored to be the host

Apart from these, other compelling reasons would convince you to be your next study abroad destination and that include, well-developed local markets and affordable real estate. As an international student, your main focus area would be your academics, yet the availability of amenities would surely make your experience in Edinburgh a memorable one.

Here is a list and short description of some of the prominent universities and colleges that are the harbinger of quality and sustainability. Their very presence is among the top reasons to study in Edinburgh and make it the education hub.

University of Edinburgh:


This University was established in 1582, and, it has three colleges and 21 schools. The University of Edinburgh has 500+ degree courses available at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Edinburgh is the sixth oldest university in Scotland This affordable university in Edinburgh offers a very wide range of graduate programs. Students here can study an extremely wide range of subjects from Biomedicine to Business, History, Classics, Languages, Divinity, Economics, Social and Political Science, Physics and Astronomy, etc. Additionally, this university has five campuses, which include the Central area, King’s Building, Bio Quarter, Western General, and Easter Bush campus.

Heriot-Watt University:


Heriot Watt University is a public research university situated in Edinburgh, Scotland. Was established in 1821 as the School of Arts of Edinburgh, the world’s first mechanics’ institute. And later it was granted university status by a royal charter in the year 1966. It is the eighth-oldest higher education institute in the UK.
Additionally, Heriot-Watt University has five global campuses including Dubai and Malaysia. Heriot has six most popular academic schools in the country where students get the best knowledge in business, computer science, and other programs.

Edinburgh Napier University:


This is also a public university with a big reputation. Though it was established as Napier University, it got its new name as Edinburgh Napier University later in 2009. Interestingly the university has three campuses namely, Sight hill Campus, Craig Lockhart Campus, and Merchiston Campus. The university’s rank in the QS list is between 600 and 800 and has got five stars for its teaching and internationalism and employability index.

Queen Margaret University:


This is one of the oldest educational institutions in Scotland and enjoys a high reputation as a prominent education provider to both local and international students. The University has gone through different phases and several institutions were merged with it. Now the new campus of this university is in Mussel burgh which is also called the greenest university campus in the country.
These universities are well known for their courses in Science, Management, Arts, and Music. Additionally, all these universities have separate colleges to impart highly competitive education in more than a hundred courses relevant to industry and employability.
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