Top UG Courses to Study in KPU


Kwantlen Polytechnic University or KPU is the leading polytechnic university college of British Columbia, Canada. It has five big campuses that hosts more than 140 different courses and has a reputation of the largest students’ base. The University also has the reputation of having the large number of faculty to support various academic activities. This article will showcase the five top UG courses to study in KPU.

Top UG courses to Study in KPU

1-Bachelor of Horticulture with major in Urban Ecosystem:


This is one of the top UG courses to study in KPU. With the rapid growth in the urbanization and resultant migration of rural population has created a state of imbalance. This further has created urban rural divide and has put immense pressure on the natural resources to sustain the burgeoning urban population. It is the concept of urban ecosystem that comes to rectify this imbalance and offers a viable solution to the planning.

Therefore, this course is to design, create, protect, and manage the human built landscape to co-exist and benefit from its natural environment. And, the ecosystem services that it provides are essential for human survival and development. Moreover, sustainable urban ecosystems not only augment recreational, spiritual, and aesthetic values, but also provides tangible benefits. The benefits such as food, cleaner air and water, conservation of natural resources and habitat, increased biodiversity, and other services eventually improves urban livability.

Students who have fair understanding of basic principle of biology and interest in making the positive impact are encouraged to choose it as a subject. This program will appeal to students who are interested in an applied science program where they will analyze problems and implement solutions to enhance and protect the urban environments. Hence, students interested in the implementation of sustainable practices in urban environments will find this program of great value.

Employment Opportunities:

Once this course is complete, there are large number of employment options:-

  • Environmental consulting
  • Parks and natural area management over municipal and NGO lands
  • Urban Horticulturists
  • Landscape and Grounds Maintenance Contractors
  • Specialized Horticulture Enterprises such as design, installation, and maintenance of rain gardens
  • Parks Managers
  • living roof and wall ecosystems and other types of green infrastructure
  • Managing urban agriculture programs
  • Landscape and Grounds Maintenance Contractors
  • Technical Representatives for Horticulture or Agriculture Supply Companies
  • Specialized Horticulture Enterprises such as Green Roof Installation and Maintenance

2-Bachelor in Agriculture Science in Sustainable Agriculture:


The continuous increase in demand for agriculture products and shrinking and degrading agricultural land has forced the agriculture practitioners to adopt new methods towards more sustainable growth. KPU offers this unique course for those who wish to be a change in the agricultural practice and have vision to make sustainable food network.

This is one of the top UG courses to study in KPU. So, KPU provides an opportunity to create more sustainable food system which should be community focused, place based, represent diversity in scale and eventually engage and empower all the stake holders.

This course is not just about providing training and knowledge it is a program to connect you to your passion. It is more about knowing and working on the challenges of our food system and making it sustainable one.

Employment opportunities:

Upon successful completion, the graduates may easily find places in the fields such as planning and development, non-government organizations, research, resource management, and related business activities.

3-Bachelor of Fashion Design and Technology:


Clothes are the basic and most elementary requirements for human being. And Fashion apparels add color to the otherwise dull life. Fashion not only define the mood of a person but it sometime define the personality of an individual

That is why; to many, it’s a piece of fabric. To a student, it’s a blank canvas just waiting to be brought to life. You can make your mark in the world of fashion with the four year degree program. This is one of the top UG courses to study in KPU. The Wilson School of Design’s Bachelor of Design, Fashion Design & Technology program has an international reputation for building tomorrow’s fashion leaders. The unique, industry-focused curriculum offers students the design skills, business acumen and marketing savvy they need to compete in the global fashion marketplace.

Consequently, many of KPU graduates hold innovative positions in local apparel and design companies in place well before graduation. Many more find that university help launch their design career.

So, what is so special about the

  • The teachers are industry leaders who are plugged into the global fashion scene.
  • College international exchange program prepares students to become global fashion leaders.
  • KPU program simulates a professional working environment and constantly adapts to reflect the changing marketplace.
  • The workplace practicum program opens the doors to top local companies
  • University classrooms are equipped with cutting-edge technology used by industry.
  • Our many inspiring guest speakers and presentations invite students to take their learning outside of the classroom and participate in the vibrant local design community.

4-Bachelor of Business Administration with major in marketing management.


A graduate degree in Marketing Management ready the students for a career in business or management. Hence, Marketing managers have leadership positions in the marketing area of an organization. Here the marketing programs designed to serve the organization’s target markets are directed and implemented by marketing managers. So, the marketing management professionals work closely with the promotions, advertising, and sales staff of an organization to effectively serve customers.

Graduates of this program will acquire the following:

  • Skills necessary to conduct business activities using contemporary social media applications.
  • Skills to manage communication initiatives to create and implement marketing plans that achieve organizational goals.
  • Ability to analyze quantitative and qualitative information using contemporary web tools to facilitate informed marketing decision making strategies.
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills by assessing and interpreting source materials, evaluating arguments, examining and applying both case-based and real-world business based projects, as consulting teams in the development of business and marketing plan solutions.

There are some unique features of this program:

  • A degree capstone project for a real client organization, which allows students to translate their learning into one cohesive project that encompasses the integration of knowledge acquired throughout the degree.
  • Entry points that allow for the transfer of credits from recognized post-secondary program
  • Learning partnerships with business, applied projects and assignments, and ongoing work experience.

There is big demand for the marketing graduates and they can find careers in the following areas:

  • Sales, Marketing and Advertising Managers
  • Retail Trade Supervisors
  • Consultants
  • Business Development Officers
  • Retail Trade Managers
  • Business Development Officers
  • Marketing Researchers
  • Professional Occupations in Business Services to Management

5-Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program:


This is KPU’s most trusted course. The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program is a full time cohort program that prepares nursing students to work with individuals, families and communities with varying health and health promotion needs across diverse settings. . This is one of the top UG courses to study in KPU. Thus, upon graduation, students will be eligible to apply for registration with the British Columbia College of Nurses and Midwives (BCCNM) and to write the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) in order to become a practicing Registered Nurse.

As, caring and health promotion lay the foundation for the BSN curriculum, nursing practice experiences are essential for the BSN program. Hence, program courses and labs prepare nursing students to practice with clients in a wide variety of institutional and community settings

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