Who Can Show Funds for Australia Student Visa


Meeting the financial requirements to study in Australia is a key factor in receiving acceptance for an Australian student visa. The most important factor in an Australian student visa application is showing sufficient funds in your account. One thing that is most important to note here is that international students must apply for an Australian student visa at least 8 weeks before their course starts.

The hurdles of being an international student may be several, especially when it comes to managing documents about Australian Student Visa Financial Requirements.

The good news is that organizing your money for an Australian student visa isn't as difficult as it might appear, even if it might be challenging and stressful. An Australian student visa's financial criteria are pretty similar to those of other student visas for other study abroad destinations.

Thinking about studying in Australia? Great choice! But there's one thing you need to figure out: who can show funds for an Australia Study Visa? Don't worry; we have got the answer to your question related to student visa requirements for Australia.

Who Can Sponsor Funds for Australia Student Visa?

And the answer is it could be you, your parents, a guardian, a sponsor, or even a scholarship provider. All these are acceptable sources of funds for student visas in Australia.

Just imagine receiving an acceptance letter from your favourite university in Australia. And after securing admission to Australia, you now need to obtain a student visa. And for that, you'll need to show that you have enough money to pay all of your expenses throughout the period of your studying in Australia, you must secure the flow of money.

Now, you may be having questions like - How much bank balance is required for an Australia student visa? How to provide funds for Australian student visas for international students? What are the Australia Student Visa Sponsor Requirements?

Just scroll down the blog, and we'll explain every answer in detail, so you know what to do.

How to Show the Proof of Funds for an Australian Student Visa?

International students must show sufficient proof of financial support to pay for their tuition, living expenses, travel expenses, and other necessary expenses while studying in Australia. There are two methods to show your ability to pay for an Australian student visa.

You must include supporting documents with your visa application if the document checklist specifies that you must show proof of your ability to pay. The minimal amount of money required for the visa's purpose is the living expenses you are asked to declare and submit with your application.

There are various options to show proof of funds for an Australian student visa.

    Here are listed sources of Funds acceptable for Australian Student Visa:
  1. Deposits of money from a financial institution (Bank Statement)
  2. Government loans or loans from a financial institution (Government Loan)
  3. Scholarships or similar financial support (Scholarship)

Parents Annual Income

Alternatively, to get your Australian student visa, students can prove that either their parents or their partner earned at least AUD62,222 in personal income annually in the 12 months before their Australian student visa application.

If you're bringing relatives along, you'll need to show that your parents or your partner earned at least AUD72,592 annually. This way you can ensure that you have enough financial support for your studies in Australia.

However, the actual amount required may vary depending on your circumstances.

International students must provide official government papers, such as tax assessments that are less than a year old, as proof of their parents' income. Students must also show proof that they have access to the money.

All these are acceptable sources of funds for student visas in Australia. For more detailed information contact trusted study abroad advisors.

Who Can Show Funds for Australian Student Visa?

There are three ways for overseas students to demonstrate their ability to meet the financial criteria for an Australian student visa.


Australia Student Visa Sponsor Requirements

Obtaining an Australian student visa is the first step in continuing your study in Australia. Having the money you need or a sponsor who can help you pay for your education is one of the conditions for getting this study visa. To qualify as sponsors for an Australian student visa, the following criteria must be met:

Sponsor Eligibility


In many circumstances, students rely on their parents or legal guardians to serve as their sponsors.


Other close relatives, such as siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles, may also serve as sponsors.

Partners or Spouses:

Your spouse or partner, whether you are wed or in a de facto relationship, may serve as your sponsor.

Organizations or Institutions:

Government agencies or educational institutions providing financial aid to overseas students in the form of scholarships can also serve as sponsors for Australian study visas.

Australia Student Visa Sponsors Financial Requirements:

Sponsors must provide proof that they have enough money to pay the student's tuition, living costs, and other expenditures while they are studying in Australia. As proof of their financial status, sponsors can present financial statements or bank statements.

Documents Required for Australia Student Visa

  1. A Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) or letter of offer
  2. Proof of adequate health insurance. Overseas Student Health Cover ( OSHC) is required for health insurance
  3. Proof of sufficient funds (to cover your travel costs and 12 months of living and tuition fees)
  4. Evidence of your English proficiency skills (such as IELTS/PTE test scores)
  5. Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) statement
  6. Meet Character Requirement
  7. A valid passport
  8. Proof of visa application fee
  9. Academic and work experience documents
  10. Passport-sized photographs

How to Apply Student Visa for Australia

For the Australia student visa application process; check out our Article Australia Study Visa Guide. In this study abroad blog we have covered all the information that students need to know about getting an Australia study visa, such as the various study visa types, eligibility requirements, student visa application process, and important tips.

Key Takeaways

Finally, we know that an Australian student visa has an important requirement: students must be able to prove they have sufficient funds for studying in Australia. However, there are no limitations on who can offer financial support, as we have covered in this article.

It is always recommended to speak with a certified study visa consultant if you are unclear about who can provide proof of money for your Australia student visa or if you have any other inquiries regarding the student visa application procedure.

Cosmo Consultants can assist if you want to study in Australia but are uncertain of how you can show that you have the funds to do so.

We will make sure that your Australia student visa application is complete and accurate and assist you with choosing the best University and courses to study in Australia. Cosmo also helps you continuously while you're studying there.

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