IELTS Writing Task 2 Topic 19

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IELTS Writing Task - 2 (Topic: 19)

In most societies, the role of the mother and father differ, what are the causes in most of the societies, the role of mother and father differ?
What are the causes of this difference? What will be the parental role in the future?

Type of essay -> Problem and solution type of Essay

Pointers For The Essay:

  • In rural areas, it is believed that women are responsible for child care and fathers are accountable for earning money.
  • Due to this, women are deprived of working out and even are deprived of education.
  • These differences are that people are illiterate and 60% of the people are still below the poverty line.
  • These old-fashioned societies’ people don’t have family planning, the birth rate is high.
  • Society has gained more gender equality these days when compared to the past, which allowed more women to work in key positions like company heads.
  • The most anticipated change is the working for gender equality.
  • More societies are expected to become liberal in nature with the growing influence of globalization.

Vocabulary for this essay

  1. Important—significance, seriousness
  2. Family – household, bloodline
  3. Future – time ahead, following, succeeding
  4. Past – previously, formerly, back in the day
  5. Believes – trust, assumes