All you need to know about Calgary- Edmonton Corridor as International Students


This article is all about the Calgary- Edmonton Corridor in Alberta province of Canada. Here, you would know what this corridor is all about, why you need to know about it, the cities, educational institutions and various job opportunities that lie along this Corridor for international students.

What Calgary-Edmonton Corridor is:

Before you know this, first you need to know is that In Alberta province of Canada, the natural resources such as oil, natural gas are in abundance to the scale, that, this province has the third largest reserves of oil and natural gas. Apart from this, Alberta is also a part of Canadian prairie land where agriculture and allied activities play great role in this province economy. Among the cities and towns of Alberta, Calgary and Edmonton are the two biggest cities. Edmonton lies in the north of Alberta and is the capital city of the province, while Calgary, which lies in southward, is the largest city is also known as financial capital of Alberta.

Geographically, these two cities are roughly 400 km (250 miles) apart and are famous for their high standard of educational institutes and economic activities. There is always an underlying rivalry between these two cities that creates a sense of healthy competition. Between this stretches, there are number of small towns that are the home to number of famous educational institutes.

As far as the population of Alberta province is concerned, it is about 4.2 million (in 2021) and out of this Edmonton has 9.32 Lac whereas Calgary has 12.3 Lac. Nearly 80 percent of Alberta population is concentrated in this corridor.

Why we need to know about Calgary-Edmonton Corridor:


As we discussed above, this corridor lies between two largest and most important cities Edmonton and Calgary. In this stretch of 250 miles, there are other cities like Red Deer, Olds, and Leduc; all these cities are the centers of educational and economic activities.

As per the survey, this area has highest per capital income in Canada and is growing exponentially. As international students in Canada, he or she needs to have good knowledge of this corridor because this corridor is going to be the centre of economic activities in Alberta. Hence it will offer plenty of job opportunities in the fields of oil, natural gas, animal husbandry, agriculture activities, and computer technology.

As per the future estimate, this province will attract more migrants and its population may reach up to 7.6 million. So, this corridor has been slowly becoming a centre of economic activities creating large number of jobs for the locals as well as migrants.


This corridor is well connected through the National High way number 2. It is officially known as Queen Elizabeth 2 or QE 2. This highway is like a spinal cord connected all the major industrial towns of Alberta. The major cities of Alberta also lie along this highway. Besides this, a railway network also runs just parallel to this highway. In addition, there is a dedicated railway line for the goods trains.

The Cities along the Calgary- Edmonton corridors:

The major cities that lie along the corridors from south to northward are:

  • Calgary
  • Airdrie
  • Crossfield
  • Carstairs
  • Olds
  • Innisfail
  • Red deer
  • Blackfalds
  • Lacombe
  • Leduc
  • Edmonton
  • Colleges and universities in Calgary-Edmonton Corridor:

    You would be surprised to see that all the major universities and colleges of Alberta are located along this corridor. Here is a list of colleges and universities that are situated in this belt.

    List of colleges in Calgary-Edmonton Corridor-

    • Bow Valley College- Calgary
    • Olds College- Olds
    • Red Deer College- Red Deer
    • NorQuest College- Edmonton

    List of Universities and Polytechnics in Calgary-Edmonton Corridor

    Job Opportunities in Calgary-Edmonton Corridor:


    As discussed above this part of Alberta has the highest concentration of industrial and economic activities. Additionally, this corridor is attracting lot of investment in diverse field. There are number of sectors where job opportunities are increasing.

    • Energy Sector: Alberta especially Calgary is the centre where most of the oil and natural gas companies have their head quarters and most of the jobs
    • Agriculture and animal husbandry
    • Banking and Investment companies: Edmonton where you would find the concentration of Banking and Investment firms.
    • Real Estate and Construction
    • Manufacturing and transportation
    • Retails: Job opportunities are always available in this sector
    • Tourism and Travel
    • Health and Social assistance

    By now, it would get clear to you that this corridor holds the economic future of Alberta province. And, if we go by the projection and survey a lot of economic and industrial activities will attract large number of migrants from all over the world. The work has already started and you can witness the government has started to make futuristic plan to welcome the burgeoning population and increasing social and economic activities.

    If you are a study abroad aspirant and planning to choose Canada as your study destination, then nothing can be better than studying in a college or university in Alberta. The reasons seem to be obvious as it would help you to be the part of the economic boom that this area will witness in the coming days.

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