Education opportunities in Alberta for International Students


In terms of the size, Alberta is the sixth largest province of Canada. Geographically, it lies west of Canada and shares its western border with another Canadian Province British Colombia. The numerous education opportunities in Alberta make it the hot choice among international students. This land-locked province is rapidly converting itself into the fast changing economy and offering lot of job opportunities in the field of oil and natural gas sector.

Before we discuss, let’s have an idea why Alberta offers a plethora of opportunities and how it has the potential to grow above Canadian national average income level.

Advantage Alberta:


Because of its shear geographical location, Alberta has numerous advantages over other Canadian provinces and territories. It is one of the three prairies provinces and is a hub of agricultural and allied activities.

Alberta offers job opportunities in the field of oil and gas industry, agriculture sector, Health care and production sectors. It’s Edmonton – Calgary passage is the most-dense corridor in Canada in terms of industrial activities and job opportunities.

Why study in Alberta:

Education opportunities in Alberta are matchless as it offers world class education through its top ranking colleges and universities. Besides, some private education institutions, there are 08 public universities, 11 public colleges and 02 polytechnic institutes in Alberta education network.

Top Universities in Alberta:

Name of the University Location Comment
University of Alberta Edmonton Public University
Mac Ewan University Edmonton Public University
Kings University Edmonton Private University
Concordia University Edmonton Private University
University of Calgary Calgary Public University
Ambrose University Calgary Private University
Mount Royal University Calgary Public University
St. Mary’s University Calgary Private University
Alberta University of the Art Calgary Public University
University of Lethbridge Lethbridge Public University
Athabasca University Athabasca Online Distance Learning University
Burman University Lacombe Private University

Top Colleges of Alberta:

Name of the Colleges Location
Bow Valley College Calgary
Grand prairie College Grand Prairie
Keyano College Fort McMurray
Lake Land College Vermilion
Lethbridge College Lethbridge
Medicine Hat Medicine Hat
NorQuest College Edmonton
Northern lake College Grouard
Olds College Old
Portage College Lac La Biche
Red Deer College Red Deer

Polytechnic Institutes in Alberta:

Name Location
Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) Calgary
Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) Edmonton

Amazing Education Opportunities in Alberta:


The education institutes fair quite high in world ranking. In fact, they have a rich history of quality of education which is industry oriented. Additionally, these institutes enjoy high percentage in graduate job placement and student satisfaction level.

The important towns of Alberta are Edmonton, the provincial capital city, Calgary, the largest town of the province and Red deer, the third largest city with just over one Lac of population.

The Calgary- Edmonton corridor is the most active business hub of Alberta province. Interestingly, most of the business activities are confined to the periphery of these two big cities those also host about 75% of Alberta population. Most of the universities and colleges are located either in these cities or the towns nearby.

Alberta: A land of new possibilities:


Because of the abundant availability of oil and natural gas along with vast cultivable land, Alberta is growing and offering great opportunities to the immigrants to study and work there. The province is also the home of all the major oil, natural gas and hydrocarbon industries. Besides, Federal immigration plans, It has its own provincial nomination program to support the growing demand of skilled labor to fuel its burgeoning economy.

This Canadian province has everything an international student aspires. Such as the top notch universities, availability of part time work during studies and post graduate work permit with easy PR schemes. Hence, those who are planning to move to Canada should also give the fair thought to Alberta for its quality of education and prospects of lucrative jobs.

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