All you need to know about Toronto-Waterloo Corridor As International Student


Toronto has always been the centre for attraction among international students. Apart from being the largest city of Canada, it truly represents the Canadian ethos and culture of inclusion and diversity. That is why; the city has a whopping population that is born outside Canada. This, as a result, makes Toronto a vibrant, multicultural and among the most livable cities of Canada. This article will cover the availability of possibilities in Toronto-Waterloo corridor from the perspective of international students.

Today every big multinational tech company has its centre in this Toronto-Waterloo corridor. Apart from this, the corridor is also attracting a lot of startups and millions of dollar of investment. Here, we will see some features of Toronto-waterloo Corridor and how it is shaping up Canadian economy. We will also explore why an international student need to know about this corridor.

The Toronto-Waterloo Corridor:

Let’s first know what the Toronto-Waterloo Corridor is. Geographically it is a stretch of about 100 km between Toronto and Waterloo cities of Canada. The idea of developing this stretch as a tech hub is not very old. But, as the provincial and federal governments in Canada started putting serious stuff, it has become the wannabe destination of world’s top tech companies.

One of the biggest Tech cluster in the making:

Undoubtedly, this stretch is attracting all the big names in the field of IT and related technology. In fact, its sheer size and quality is next to Silicon Valley in the whole North America. As per the official page of the Toronto-Waterloo corridor the stretch currently has more than 15000 tech companies, 5200 plus startups and around 2,00,000 tech workers are directly employed in these companies.

Most Diverse and vibrant Stretch:

Although there may be number of other industrial and economic corridors contributing to the economy of their regions. But, what makes this corridor so unique is the diversity it offers. As most of the professionals here are the once international students, the stretch represent people from more than 90 countries and as many as 180 different languages are spoken. Consequently, this region is most diverse as well as most vibrant region in whole Canada.

A continuous supply of world class talent:

Every industry needs a regular supply of relevant talent to support the work. And, Toronto – Waterloo area is fortunate enough as about 16 world class colleges and universities are located in this regions. This corridor is a home to some of the best IT and business management colleges. As we know that Canadian Education is very much aligned with industrial requirement of the country, the graduate from these institutions are directly absorbed in these companies.

The Cities that cover the corridor:

  • Toronto
  • Mississauga
  • Milton
  • Cambridge
  • Kitchener
  • Waterloo

The Top colleges On the Corridor:

A big opportunity for B2B and B2C Business:


Traditionally, the Toronto area has been a manufacturing and real assets hub. With the onset of IT related companies set up, the city got the big boost in this sector. When all the major Tech companies like Apple, CISCO, FB, Tesla, Twitter and many more are operating in this region, other large companies also follow suit.

Moreover, the ecosystem of this corridor has opened the door for other big or small companies creating the business opportunities for B2B and B2C growth. The strategic location of this area makes it very much accessible to even the cities of USA.

Top Ten companies operating in Toronto-Waterloo Corridor:

  • IBM
  • Twitter
  • Tesla
  • Amazon
  • Shopify
  • EA Sports
  • Google
  • Blackberry
  • Netsuite

Top Five Startups in Toronto-Waterloo Corridor:

  • Communitech
  • MaRS
  • OneEleven
  • University of Waterloo Velocity
  • Creative Destruction Labs

Centre for Innovation:

As the tech companies here are more focused on the innovation, this stretch is developing into the innovation hub. More and more companies are working on the innovative technology and are attracting the best brain from the world. This area offers great infrastructure support, a very good and regular supply of competent human recourse, availability of funds. Thus, a lot of startups have come up here with the prospect to offer amazing job opportunities to the graduates of this region.

What Toronto-Waterloo Corridor has in store for International Students: By now, you as international students would have realized that if you are planning to study and settle in Toronto or in Kitchener area, you are going to have great employment opportunities. The colleges and universities are particularly offering educational programs to suit the demand in these tech industries. Students who are going to be the part of colleges such as Humber, Seneca, Conestoga, George Brown or Centennial, will be benefitted by the work opportunity as an employee or an entrepreneur.

The University of McMaster, University of Waterloo and University of Toronto have also created courses to align itself to the industry demand. These universities are offering courses that would add new skill sets to connect them to the companies of that particular field.

Top courses to study in Canada for better job prospects in Toronto-Waterloo Corridor:

  • Diploma / Graduate certificate in Project management
  • Diploma/ Graduate certificate in Network Security
  • Diploma/ Graduate certificate in Cloud Computing
  • Diploma/ Certificate in Information and communication technology
  • Business Intelligence and System infrastructure
  • Advance Diploma in Technology management
  • Data Analyst
  • Big Data Analyst
  • Cyber Security
  • Web developing

So, if you are planning to study in Canada and especially in Ontario province, go through the Toronto-Waterloo corridor project and check the unlimited opportunities available for you as an international student. This would help you to take informed decision regarding your choice of course, college and even province.

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