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Overseas education has always been a dream for the students of India. And, in the contemporary era when the mode of travel and communication have improved drastically, the scope for study abroad has widen emphatically. So, those who plan to study abroad always look for the best study abroad consultants in their local city. Cosmo Consultants is one of the best overseas education consultant in Bareilly as well as in the whole central India and Northern India.

If we look into the reasons for this trend, the answers seem quite obvious.

Here is a summary of some of the reasons why the new age youth prefer to study in counties of Europe, Americas, or Oceana.

  1. The quality of education available there is great. The education pattern is more applied in nature and works in close coordination with the local industries. As a result, the students there study, what actually is in demand.
  2. The quality of life offered in these counties are also quite compelling. The local governments in these countries always work towards striking balance towards work-life balancing.
  3. One more reasons for choosing study abroad option is the law and order conditions in these countries. We can see that the relatively crime free countries offer the congenial condition to thrive there. Be it economic growth or educational performance, the local conditions always favor them.
  4. If we think of employment opportunities, there is no dearth of them. Those who decide to study abroad find themselves at the most suitable job soon after finishing of their study.
  5. One of the most captivating reasons for overseas education is the research and development facilities available in those countries are remarkable. So, those who wish to promote their career and want to dive deep into their field of interest prefer to further their studies from the countries abroad.
  6. The last but not the least reason for choosing the foreign location for the study is the possibility of getting settled there. Most of the students who go to other countries for study, prefer to stay there to seek permanent residence there.

The Best Overseas education Consultants:


As a reason there is an increasing trend among students to go to overseas countries like Canada, Australia and UK to explore better future. Following the same trends, the students of the northern India especially from the Himalyan Foot hills areas. Such as Pilibhit, Puranpur, Lakhimpur, Rudrapur, Bazpur and Bareilly have been steadily choosing overseas countries as the destinations of their higher education.

Thus, in order to provide professional and accurate services, the aspirants need the presence of an experienced and transparent study abroad consultant. And, here comes Cosmo Consultants, the best overseas education consultant of Bareilly as well as nearby towns.

When it comes to study visa or overseas education services, Cosmo consultants is a well know name in this field. With more than 12 years of impeccable experience, Cosmo Consultants has constantly been offering its services to the aspirants of the northern and central India.

Why Cosmo Consultants is the best overseas education Consultant in Bareilly

Here, we will share with you some of the reasons why Cosmo Consultants is the best Study Abroad consultant in Bareilly as well as in the nearby towns.

A well experienced and professional Management


As they have firm belief in providing the genuine and transparent services, the same it is reflected in company’s approach towards its clients. And, that makes Cosmo Consultants so efficient and reliable name is their professional and focused approach under the guidance of its top management

Cosmo Consultants Has All India presence

Our all India presence gives us opportunity to appreciate the aspiration of students. And, help us to offer them best advice suiting their profile. Cosmo Consultants has grown from just one branch. Now it operates from five different locations including Bareilly. Hence, its other branches are in Lakhimpur Kheri, Gwalior, Ratia and Bazpur.

Company also has plans to open more branches in Gujarat, Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh and other southern states. Our all India presence gives us opportunity to appreciate the aspiration of students. And, help us to offer them best advice suiting their profile. And, it help us to be the best overseas education consultancy in Bareilly.

Technology Support in Cosmo Consultants

Our CRM tool helps us to create accurate profile of the aspirants by suggesting them the best possible course in the best college. Since its beginning, the management has used technology as a tool to offer efficient and effect service in a transparent ways. As a result, the Company always rely on the latest technological tools that offer the quality services in most efficient way.

Highly qualified team of professionals in Cosmo Consultants

The team at Cosmo Consultants has wide experience in the field of overseas education and visa consultancy. One of the reasons for being the best overseas education consultants is that Cosmo Consultants always developed and nurtured a team of highly qualified professionals. They have always been exposed to the latest development. And, changes that take place in immigration policies of the concerned country. Apart from this, the team gets regular training so that their skills can be honed.

Support of Best IELTS coaching Institute


Language proficiency is the primary requirement to apply study visa and Cosmo consultants offers best coaching classes in this field. One more factor that helps us to stand apart is the support from the best IELTS coaching institute. In fact, at Cosmo We know that an aspirant needs to crack language proficiency test. And, for that they need a coaching that can help them to prepare according to the IELTS test set pattern. Here, Cosmo Consultants has its own coaching institute to provide best IELTS coaching. It is considered as the best IELTS coaching institute of Bareilly and nearby towns.

Its main features are:

  • Well trained and qualified faculty
  • Free On line IELTS study material
  • State of the Infrastructure
  • Weekly mock tests
  • Well up to date study material
  • One to one Speaking session
  • Extra classes to support the weak students

Tie-up with more than 150 Colleges and Universities

One more reason to be the best overseas education constants is its strategic tie-ups. Over the year Cosmo Consultants has built up business ties with more than 150 colleges and universities around the world. We take care to update the list and bring more and more institutes under our belt. It surly helps us to offer wide choice of options in terms of course and colleges to the study abroad aspirants.

The Services Cosmo Consultants offers

Being the best study visa consultant in Bareilly, Cosmo Consultants keep its eye on its core services. Following are the core services provided by Cosmo Consultants:

Study in Canada


Canada has been the first preference of study abroad aspirants because of varied reasons. Industry oriented college programs, emphasis on skill development, hands on training, internships and world fame co-op programs make Canada a favorite study abroad destination.

Study in Australia


Those students who wish to go for research oriented studies, Australia offers some of the best courses for international students. Exceptional educational experience, quality life style and unmatched culture attract a big number of students around the world. Study in Australia will also help you get your dream PR.

Study in UK


Cosmo Consultants assist those students who wish to seek admission in UK universities and colleges. Undoubtedly, UK has been the hub for international studies and is the home to the top five universities of the world. Study in UK is always a privileged and it certainly boost the career prospects and its credentials are highly respected and acknowledged around the world.

Study in New Zealand


New Zealand educational system and policies are highly influenced by that of Australia. Yet, the country has its own style of teaching pattern where students are given utmost attention for skill development. Despite limited options the country offers, it still has a good choice for international students.


Cosmo’s policies are client centric and sometime when the visa is rejected, CAIPS notes help to understand the reason for rejection. We at Cosmo Consultants review each and every case and offer the service of CAIPS notes to the client. Through our services, we assist the overseas aspirant to work on the reason.

That is reason Cosmo Consultants is the best overseas educationin Bareilly with vast experience and professional team of counselors. Having the tie up with more than 150 educational institutes around the globe we have been guiding and assisting study abroad aspirants in fulfilling their overseas education dreams. If you have a plan to study abroad, you may contact us on +91-9876291190, +91-9792000004 or visit our website

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