All You Need To Know To Study In UK


UKVI (UK Visa and Immigration):

UKVI or United Kingdom visa immigration is a division of UK’s Home department. And, it is responsible for processing application to visit the UK for study, business, or other motives. Therefore, all those who apply for their study visa need to apply to UKVI for the same. It has its head quarters in South London and representative offices in the nine different locations in the country.

Tier 4 student visa:


This is also called general student visa. When a study abroad aspirant, applies for the visa to study in UK, UKVI issues the candidate tier 4 of general student visa. With this visa, student can live in UK and pursue his academic course for the duration of the academic program. In order to apply for the tier 4 visa, you need to be ready with some documents. And, that includes, Valid passport, proof of funds, CAS reference number, documents used in CAS, colored photographs

CAS (Confirmation of acceptance for studies):

As per the UK immigration rules, the university should sponsor students. And, it means university should offer you unconditional application offer. So, when you apply to the UK University, the concerned university request UKVI to issue you a reference number, which is CAS reference number. Thus, CAS reference number is very vital during study visa process.

Proof of funds and 28 Days Rule:


When you apply for the study in UK visa you need to have funds to support your tuition fee as well as your living expenses these are called maintenance find. For that you need to submit the documents needed as proof of fund.

So, the UK immigration has certain defined rules with regards to London and out of London area. For London the fund should be 12006 GBP or 1334 GBP per month for the nine month. This amount is 9207 GBP on the basis of 1023 GBP per month if the Student University is out of the London metropolitan area.

Again there is a specific rule for the proof of fund and it says that the either yours or your parents bank account should hold the money in account for consecutively 28 days. It should not be dropped below the required amount for even a single day, failure to which would attract refusal of visa. Moreover, your fund should not be more than 31 days old.

Graduate route (Post graduate work permit in UK)

Graduate route is an opportunity to the graduates who have completed their study in UK, to look for the job and work for the two years. This duration is extended to three years for the students who complete their doctoral degree from there. Please bear in mind, this arrangement does not permit a stay for the indefinite period of time and it is not renewable.

Tier 2 Visa:


This is a point based high skilled worker visa in which an applicant while study in UK needs to have a prior sponsorship of job with minimum 30,000 GBP annual wages. The holder of this visa can travel out of UK and is also eligible to bring family to UK. Apart from his, the applicant must be over 16 years of age and must have 10 points in English proficiency test.

ILR Visa in UK:

Indefinite leave to remain is a sort of settlement visa that allow you to stay in UK as long as you wish. This status also comes with certain benefits and facilities that can be managed once you get this status. This visa also allows you work, live, study in UK and also allow the holder to travel outside the country as many time as one wish. In most of the cases an applicant living in UK for at least five year can apply for ILR.

Average wages per hour for part time jobs:


As an international student, you may also work part time while study in UK. UKVI allows you to work for 20 hours per week and 40 hours per week during semester break. Though, the students have a large number of jobs to apply, there are some jobs where the hourly wages are higher. On an average the minimum wages an international student can earn per hour is 9.5 GBP if the age is over 23 years. It is 9.18 GBP if the age is between 21 and 22 years.

Average wages per hour for full time jobs:

Once the education program is over, the student starts looking for job opportunities for the full time. For the full time jobs the minimum wage a UK employer offers is 15.59 GBP per hour. A full time worker can earn up to 348 GBP per week which means 1395 GBP per month. This amount is quite sufficient for a single person living in UK.

Reasons for UK visa refusal:


The most common reasons for the UK visa refusal are

  • Incomplete documentations
  • Applying for the wrong type of visa
  • Not completely filling up the form
  • Failure to meet the financial requirement
  • Not giving all the necessary information.

So if you are planning to study in UK, a fair understanding of these terms would make your visa process easy as well as successful. Right from understanding the conditions for study visa to the part time wages, knowledge of the same would surly help the applicant to navigate the process successfully.

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