Job Opportunities in Calgary for International Students


Calgary is the largest city as well as business hub of Alberta province of Canada. Recently, this city has been judged as the third best city in the world to find a job. The first two are Boston (US) and Munich (Germany). Because of the availability of great number of job opportunity in Calgary, the city has scored over other major cities of Canada.There are umpteen reasons that make Calgary as the most sought after destination to look for the jobs. Thus, this article will delve into the reasons for as well as the job opportunities in Calgary.

In comparison to other Canadian cities, like Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal, the living cost in Calgary is substantially less. The rent bill in Calgary is about as low as 50 per cent while comparing to Toronto or Vancouver. It is not just the rental bill; other factors of cost of livings are also less that makes this city one of the most livable cities in Canada.

Calgary is the industrial hub of Alberta

Without doubt, Calgary is the Industrial hub where it houses the head quarters of almost all the major companies operating in Alberta. As we know, Alberta has the largest reservoir of minerals; natural gas and crude oil, and as a reason, all the companies and their supporting companies have their headquarters in Calgary. Consequently, the job opportunities in Calgary are always available to all those who have industry related set of skills and competency.

Job Opportunities in Calgary

The good job opportunity available along with decent and affordable cost of living has been attracting large number of people across Canada to settle there. The city is a home to nearly 1.3 million people out of which most of them are below 30 years. The expert predict that the population of this city to be doubled by 2050. In fact, the city of Calgary adds about 10,000 new people every year.

The Industries that offer big job Opportunities in Calgary for International Students: Here is a list and details of major industries in Calgary that offer substantial number of employment opportunity:

Job Opportunities in Aerospace and Logistic in Calgary:


Calgary is famous for its busy airports and large number of companies working in this field. Additionally, Calgary is also a hub for drone manufacturing and present good job opportunity to the budding engineer in this field.

Job Opportunities in Oil and Natural gas in Calgary:


As we know that Alberta province of Canada has the largest reserve of oil and natural gas. Hence, all major energy companies have their headquarters in Calgary itself. These companies offer vast job opportunity for those who have required skill set.

Job Opportunities in Banking and Insurance Firms in Calgary:


Calgary also hosts the regional headquarters of major banks and insurance companies. As a reason, the city always is the first stop for job seekers in the field of finance management and solutions.

Job Opportunities in Agribusiness in Calgary:


Interestingly, Alberta is also predominantly an agriculture based economy. Being the sunniest province and the part of Prairie region, this province is the largest producer of agriculture products in Canada. Recent years has seen a large investment is agriculture based technology and new job opportunities are being created. So, those who wish to make their career in agriculture related field can choose Calgary their next destination.

Job Opportunities in Biotechnology Firm in Calgary:


The city of Calgary has over 110 life science firms. These firms hire quite a good number of persons in the field of research, support and marketing. So, the international students who are pursuing the course have good reason as the city offers great employment opportunities in this field.

Job Opportunities in Creative Industries in Calgary:


Apart from traditional businesses, Calgary is also a centre for creative industries. This city is the hub for media houses, advertisement industries, Film and TV production.

Job Opportunities in AI and AR Firms in Calgary:


Next, Calgary has been seen as the competitor of Edmonton. And, it has always score better in terms of innovative and creative schemes. The new age industries and companies are making their inroads. And, therefore the top firms of Canada are coming to Calgary to support the manufacturing sector there. The use if AI and AR along with machine learning is on the rise. And, the city has very good scope for those who have matching set of skills in this Field.

Job Opportunities in Retail Sector in Calgary:


Then, Calgary is the largest city of Alberta and has approximately 1.3 million populations. Its majority of people are below 30 and to cater to their shopping needs all the major retail stores have their strong presence in Calgary. The Stores like Nordstrom, Hudson’s Bay, Marshalls, Wal-Mart, Winners, Best-Shop and many more offer vast opportunities for employment both full time as well as part time. Thus, this sector offers big job opportunities in Calgary.

The most demanding jobs opportunities in Calgary:

  • Retail and wholesale trade manager
  • Retail supervisor
  • Information system Analyst
  • Database Analyst
  • Construction Inspector
  • Nurses and heath workers

To sum up, Calgary is a place of opportunities and it promises a quality of life, affordable living and options to explore the Canadian terrain. It is the hub of all major manufacturing industries and offer great employment opportunities for immigrants and international students.

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