Top Colleges in Canada for IT Courses after 12th


Canada has been one of the most preferred destinations for higher studies after 12th. Among the other courses IT related courses are becoming more and more popular among the study abroad aspirants. The reasons are obvious. Because of surge in the IT specialist jobs, the colleges and universities have upgraded their curriculum to match the requirements of Industry. Here, you will find the list of top colleges in Canada for IT courses after 12th.

Before we move further, let’s have a look, why Canada is the first choice of study abroad aspirants. The Canadian Education System has been designed in such a way that on the one hand it fulfills the growing demands of various industrial sectors; it also takes into account the futuristic need of the human capital for the economic growth of the country.

Apart from the home to the world renowned colleges and universities, the possibility of lucrative jobs and the prospects of PR after studies draw students from all over the world. So, it is not uncommon to have multicultural college campuses. Some colleges and universities even have students from as many as 150 counties in their campuses.

Some of the most sought-after IT courses offered by the top Colleges in Canada after 12th are:

  • System navigator
  • Diploma in User Experience (UX) Design
  • Business Insights and Analytics
  • CSI- IT infrastructure and services
  • Graduate Certificate in Artificial Intelligence and machine learning
  • Diploma in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Analytics
  • Certificate in Applied AI (Artificial Intelligence) solutions Development
  • Animation and VFX
  • 3D Animations and graphics designing
  • Diploma in Cloud computing.

While selecting the courses it is very important to keep in mind that the students must seek admission only in DLI i-e Designated Learning Institutes and the duration of the courses should not be less than 2 year. This is because only a course of 2 years and more will provide you post graduate work permit of three year.

The list of the top colleges of Canada for IT courses after 12th is here:

1-Langara College:


The location of this college is at Vancouver in British Columbia. It is a public funded college and its IT related courses are quite competitive. This college always ranks high in job prospect list. The college has industry oriented IT courses in line with the latest developments and research activities. Besides, computer science, the college also ranks high in core engineering, Business Administration and humanities courses.

2-NorQuest College:


This College is in the city of Edmonton, Alberta and is also one of the top colleges in Canada for IT courses after 12th. With its 4 campuses it has about 57 percentage international students. The campus life is awesome and encourages students to perform their best. The college offers an array of courses in different fields of studies and great job opportunities. It also offers plenty of support to the international students in counseling and immigration related issues. So when you take admission here, you experience a vibrant culture and student first campus.

3-Lambton College:


This College has five campuses with one in China. It has about 3500 international students. Some of the popular IT courses are Graduate Diploma in Cloud Computing for Big Data, Graduate Diploma in Cyber security and Computer Forensic, and Graduate certificate in Computer software and Database development. Admission in Lambton ensures quality education as this college regularly secures top rank among the colleges of Canada.

4-Mohawk College:


The location of this College is in the city of Hamilton, Ontario. It has three campuses and academic ties with McMaster University. This is one of the most popular colleges among the international students. The top colleges in Canada for IT courses after 12th for international students also rank high in graduation employment rate and students’ satisfaction. Its flagship courses are new age IT courses such as diplomas and certificates in Data mining, Artificial Intelligence, machine Learning and cyber security. Apart from this it runs more than 130 programs for over 30,000 students.

5-Georgian College:


There are not just one but seven campuses of Georgian College in Ontario province. Each campus has its unique strength and specialization. Some of the most popular IT courses are Graduate certificate in big data analysis, graduate system in Information system security, Diploma in computer programming, and Advanced Diploma in computer programming Analyst as well as Diploma in interactive media design-web.

6-George Brown College:


The location of this College is at Downtown Toronto, Ontario and it has three full campuses. George brown college is a big name in the field of research and it enjoys high rank in the list of research-based colleges. It has over 28,000 full time students and offers over 140 courses as certificates, diplomas and degree. Students from as many as 95 countries do receive their higher studies in these campuses. Besides, IT and computer programs, this college also offers the programs in the field of Nursing, Business administrations, Humanities and paralegal courses.

7-Saskatchewan Polytechnic:


It is a public funded institute famous for providing technical and vocational training. It has four campuses and offers various courses to match industry need. The top colleges in Canada for IT courses after 12th for international students also rank high in graduation employment rate and students’ satisfaction It offers seventy distinct courses through its four campuses as diplomas and certificates. Well known for its skill oriented courses it also excels in the list of job procurement. Some of the most sought after IT programs are: Diploma in Business Information system, Diploma in Interactive Design and Technology, Post graduation certificate in Cloud Computing and Block Chain and PG certification in Artificial Intelligence and Data Analyst.

8-Red River College:


This College has a number of campuses but the largest one is in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The college offers more than 200 courses through Certificates, Diplomas and Degrees. Its best computer based programs are Post graduate diploma in graphic design and post graduate diploma in 3D graphics. It has over 30.000 students and has 95% graduate employment rate with 93% graduate satisfaction rate.

9-Fanshawe College:


This is one of the top colleges in Canada for IT courses after 12th. The location of the college is in London, South west of Ontario and is also one of the largest colleges of Ontario. There is fairly large number of international students and is famous for its IT and computer related new ages certificates and diplomas. This institution also scores high in graduate employment and students’ satisfaction rates. Additionally, the college also has well supported network of faculty to prepare student future ready.

10-Sault College:


the College’s main campus is in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario and stands number 2 in students’ satisfaction list. This public funded college has an array of certificate and diploma programs. Moreover, the college also offers unmatched qualitative support to international students helping them to thrive. The new age programs in the field of Computer science such as Graduation certificate in Artificial Intelligence and machine learning draws a lot more students.

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