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Alberta is one of the provinces of Canada and is also known as the powerhouse of North America. Unlike other provinces there, it has a unique blend of traditional and modern outlook. Likewise, it attracts a large number of international students every year and majority of them prefer to apply for the permanent residence program. So, in this article, you will come to know the job opportunities after study in Alberta.

While planning to study overseas, the aspirants weight all the pro and cons of their choice. After all, a lot of things are at stake and any wrong decision may put the student in an uncomfortable position. Therefore all the major factors should be analyzed so that it may help in fulfilling their dreams after completion of their study.

Initially, the overseas education aspirant look for six major parameters that influence their decision about the country, college and the courses and these are:

  1. The ranking of colleges and the Cities
  2. Living Cost of the Area
  3. Transportation System
  4. Number of International Students and community
  5. The Economic condition and Job opportunities
  6. Rules regarding PR

Keeping these parameters in consideration, the students can conveniently draw their conclusion and choose their study abroad destination.

Why study in Alberta:

As mentioned above Alberta is one of the provinces of Canada and has great potential to support International students. Let’s discuss all the six parameters and see how effective these parameters fit into overseas students’ aspiration and expectation. Finally, it will also help to see if study in Alberta is a good option.

Top Ranked Colleges and Cities:


Generally, most of the provinces of Canada has just one major town for example Ontario has Toronto, Quebec has Montreal, and even British Columbia has one major city called Vancouver. But, on the other hand, Alberta has two major cities with equal potentials. Be it education, or employment opportunities both these cities are at per.

One is Edmonton, the capital city of this province and other is Calgary, the largest city of Alberta. As far as the education institutes are concerned. Below are the lists of top colleges and universities in these two major cities:



Apart from these institutions other World Class Colleges

Affordable cost of living:


For an international student the cost of living plays a deciding role especially when you can compare it with other city. Here, this province gives you the compelling reason to study in Alberta. For everything, the cost of living in this province is comparatively lower than other province by up to 20 %.

And, the reason for this is that the provincial government does not charge its part in the GST. And, only 5%, which is the portion of Federal Government is charged. As a result the cost of commodities and services are considerably low.

The affordable rental charges, the transportation charges and grocery cost makes it a big reason to choose study in Alberta option.

Best Neighboring area for rental accommodation:

In Edmonton:

  • Parkallan
  • Queen Alexandra
  • Walterdale
  • Pleasant View
  • McKernan

In Calgary:

  • Capitol Hill
  • Bowness
  • Dalhousie
  • Varsity
  • Kensington

Well Developed Transportation System:


Alberta is famous for its well-developed transportation system. All of its cities- big or smalls are well connected though road and rail network. Even the Air travel is quite common. In fact, both Calgary and Edmonton has their own International Airport which are well connected though the major cities around the world.


  • Bus Services
  • C- Train (Light Rail Transit)
  • International Airport


  • Bus Services
  • Edmonton LRT
  • International Airport

Robust Economy and Ample Job opportunities:


This may be the most compelling reason to study in Alberta. Alberta is the economic and energy powerhouse of the country and has vast reserves of oil and natural gas. Apart from this, Alberta is also a leader in the field of agriculture, meat production, minerals and metals.

Per capita income in Alberta is 50% more than that of average Canadian and it is also higher than the per capita income in whole America

  • Transport sector
  • Retail sector
  • Health Sector
  • Energy Sector and Mining
  • Food and Beverage
  • Construction and Real State

Job Related Courses:

  • Business management
  • IT and Computers
  • Tourism and Hospitality
  • Health and Agriculture

Job search websites:


Per Capita Income in Alberta- CAD 78,155

Per Capita income in Canada- CAD 52,051

Large number of International Students and communities.


While choosing a study abroad destination the overseas aspirants also give weightage to the number of students or people of their own country those are already living there. And, that gives one more reason to the international students to study in Alberta.

The colleges and universities of Alberta especially, Bow valley College, NorQuest College, University of Alberta and University of Calgary and even Red deer college have a considerable number of international students .

As a result, these campuses and academic centers are the great place to showcase diversity and vibrant nature.

Here you may notice, that there is considerable strength of international people in the Alberta Cities. This, eventually give students a big reason

  • Edmonton- 20,425 Punjabi Speaking
  • Calgary- 28,600 Punjabi Speaking

In Alberta-

  • 62,815- Punjabi Speaking
  • 40,745- Hindi Speaking
  • 26,820- Urdu Speaking people

Easy PR Norms:


When it comes to the PR in Canada, Study in Alberta may be one of the Choice. In fact, the provincial government do support the skilled workers PR ships who can associate in the economic and social growth of the province. For this the provincial government has many programs to support those who are capable to contribute in the success story of this province.

Here is a list of major PR and immigration program:

  • Alberta Advantage Immigration Program
  • Express Entry
  • Alberta Opportunity Stream

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