Job Opportunities in Canada in various Sectors for International Students


Canada is a developed nation and is also one of the leading economies of the world. Despite its limited population in comparison to its geographical size, this country has been successful in being the leading exporter in many areas of business activates. As a result, job opportunities in Canada are broadly available in almost all the major sectors of economy across the country.

Canada has not just been bestowed with large geographical area; it is also rich in crude oil, natural gas, minerals and metals. The big farm land with one of the largest coastlines also makes this country a big player in the field of Agriculture. Moreover, the country is also becoming the big industrial hub generating large number of employment in these areas.

Hence, this article will deal in the various employment opportunities available to international students



Because of its sheer size, Canada is the powerhouse in farming sector and is 5th largest exporter of agriculture products. Also, it is the leading producers of Durum Wheat, Canola, flex seed, Pulses and many more agriculture products. However, Canada farms suffer from the shortage of skilled farm labor. As per the recent survey, about 47 % of the Canadian Farms suffer from the shortage of skilled workers .Interestingly, 37% of farm owners reported that no Canadian applied for the job in their farm.

Besides, Undergraduate level degree, diploma programs are equally popular and rewarding.

Some of the popular UG diploma courses are:

  1. Diploma in Horticulture
  2. Diploma in Food Processing
  3. Certificate (Diploma) in Post harvest processing
  4. Diploma in Seed Technology
  5. Diploma in Animal Husbandry

A large number of Jobs are available in farm. And, allied services for all those who carry the relevant course certificate or diploma.

And, some popular college and universities are:

  1. University of Vancouver
  2. University of Alberta
  3. Sheridan College
  4. Lethbridge College
  5. College Boreal, Sudbury

Job Opportunities in Canada in Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry:


Canada is very rich both in crude oil and natural gas. The provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and British Columbia have large reserves of oil and natural gas. Likewise, as per the government finding, Canada has the 3rd largest reserves of crude oil and 6th largest reserves of natural gas in the world. And, these reserves have been constantly increasing with every new finding.

As a result, there is always a demand for the skilled jobs that have relevant certificate, diploma or degree programs.

  1. Applied Drilling Engineering
  2. Advance Well and wire line formatting testing
  3. Diploma in Petroleum Engineering
  4. Advance Oil and Gas Accounting
  5. International Oil and Gas Business Management

Apart from others, following educational institutions are quite well known for their diploma and certificate programs:

  1. Northern Lights College
  2. Mohawak College
  3. York University
  4. Saskatchewan Polytechnic
  5. Lakeland College

Job Opportunities in Canada in Minerals and Metal Industry:


As for as minerals are metals are concern, Canada is very rich and has large reserves of Iron, potash, Uranium, and many more minerals like gold and diamonds. In order to explore these vast reserves, Canada has well developed industries and creates a large number of jobs. Thus, all of these jobs need relevant certificate, diploma or degree. So, if we talk about the position of Canada the data reveals that Canada is the largest producer of Potash, 2nd highest in Uranium, 3rd highest in Nickel and 5th highest producer of gold and diamonds. Therefore, it all makes Canada a big job market in the field of minerals and metals.

The courses would be of great help in getting jobs in mine and minerals industry of Canada.

  1. Diploma in Mining Engineering
  2. B.Sc in Mining Engineering (Co-Op)
  3. Diploma in Mining Exploration
  4. Advance Diploma in Mining and Mineral resources

For the students who want to pursue their career in Mining, following colleges and Universities can be considered:

  1. Cambrian College
  2. University of Alberta
  3. British Columbia Institute of technology
  4. Camosun College
  5. Queen’s University

Job Opportunities in Canada in Manufacturing Sector:


Manufacturing sector contributes to about 10% of Canadian GDP and also support the economy by generating the largest number of job creations. Likewise, the most prominent job creating industries are Automotive Industries, Aerospace and Defence industries, Chemical industry, Bio-pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical sector, hydrogen and fuel cell industry, plastic industry, agriculture machinery manufacturing sectors, meat processing and sea food processing.

Most of these units are always short of diploma and degree holders in the fields of Civil, electrical, mechanical, automotive and computer applications such as:

  1. Diploma in Civil Engineering
  2. Diploma in Automotive
  3. Advance Diploma in Computer application
  4. Diploma in mechanical engineering
  5. Post graduate diploma in electrical engineering
  6. Diploma in HVAC

Following colleges are known for their industry friendly courses:

  1. Lambton College
  2. Seneca College
  3. Niagara College
  4. Lethbridge College
  5. Matrix College

Job Opportunities in Canada in Retail Sector:


Retail industry of Canada serves in almost every part of Canada. Whereas most of the retail firms focus on the retail sale, some big players tend to maintain big warehouses and even busy in manufacturing of private level products. Hence, this leads to creating of large number of job offering in this big sector.

The types of jobs available in this sector are:

  1. Wholesales manager
  2. Store Manager
  3. Store Supervisors
  4. Retail Contact Representative
  5. Sales Supervisors and many more

After 12th students do have very good options to choose a degree or diploma in the field of retail management such as:

  1. Diploma in Retail management
  2. Advance diploma in Supply management
  3. Degree/diploma in finance
  4. Diploma in HR management
  5. Post graduate diploma in accountancy

Following are the college that offer highly competitive diploma and degree courses in the field of retail management.

  1. George Brown College
  2. Centennial College
  3. University of Alberta
  4. Conestoga College
  5. Fanshawe College

Moreover, these industry oriented courses offered by the Canadian Colleges and universities ensure a rewarding career for the students who opt for them. Then, these jobs are high in demand and the employers always look for the right candidate with right training and skill.

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