Top ten diploma courses in Canada for International Students


The education system in Canada is not just research-centric but it also job oriented. That is why, the country not only houses the top notch universities of the world. Also, it promotes its vocational and industrial training institutes. Consequently, these educational institutes work in tandem with the industry requirement. And, churn out those graduate that help in the overall growth of the Canada economy. Just like degree program, the diploma programs are equally popular and worthy to get lucrative jobs. These are helpful in getting provincial nomination program (PNP) nomination.

Advantages Diploma Courses in Canada:


Diploma programs in Canada have certain obvious advantages. That help a aspirant to not only get a suitable job but also support during PR application. Some of the advantages are as under:

  1. Unlike the degree programs, the diploma programs are of short duration. And, these help the students to be job ready in less period of time. Generally, a degree program takes four years in comparison to 1 or 2 years duration diploma programs.
  2. Again, the tuition fee of diploma courses is less in comparison of the degree programs of Canadian Universities or colleges. It just not only helps in saving the difference in the fee, but the tuition fee of the extra semesters is also saved. It turns out to be a big saving. Specially, when counted and helps the international students to complete their education without extra financial burden.
  3. The employers in Canada has clear preference for the person with diploma. As most of diplomas are skilled base, it becomes easy for the employer to judge a candidate’s set of skills. That is why, skill based diploma holders are in great demand.
  4. Skilled based diplomas also help international students to get PR without hassle. The provinces in Canada are very rich in natural resources but lacks skilled workers to harness them. Besides this, the targeted growth lead to the demand of skilled based diploma holders in each sector of the economy.

Here in this article we will discuss the top ten diploma courses in Canada after 12th. Specially, for international students that are in high demand.

Top ten diploma courses in Canada after 12th for international students

1-Diploma in international Business:


This is for those who want to make their mark in the field of international business. As the businesses are no more a local phenomenon, a precise understanding of the international scene will be of great help in taking strategic decisions. This is what, education plan is designed for. A successful candidate would be absorbed in any of the mentioned jobs:

  • Sales, marketing and research
  • Freight forwarding and transportation
  • Import/Export Management
  • International trade

2-Diploma in Information system, Business Analysis:


The dynamics of business has made it necessary to have a duel knowledge business management. Along with deep knowledge of computer system. The modern day businesses largely depend on the harnessing of information regarding customer preference, customer decision making and processing the raw data. Both from the perspective of customer and employee, the processing of information in time for the decision making is very imperative.

Post completion a student can find the jobs in Banking, manufacturing and retail sector as business analyst, information processing manager, or information system analyst.

3-Diploma in Global Supply Chain Management:


With the ever growing complexities in the modern business environment, the need for skilled supply chain management expert is growing. These diplomas are offered by some of the renowned colleges of Canada. Post completion a student can find placement as Analyst, Specialist, or manager in the departments such as transportation, logistics, procurement, or warehousing.

4-Diploma in Early Childhood Education:


This is a four semester program designed to create a community of teachers for the kids from their infancy to nursery class. As the Canadian provincial government put great emphasis on the early childhood education, the trained staff is in great demand in various organizations and schooling institutions. This program aims to develop following set of skills such as planning and developing of inclusive program for children, building positive relationships with parents, children, colleagues, and professionals. After completion, one can easy get a job in after school programs, Nursery Schools, KG Schools, or family resource program.

5-Diploma in Nutrition and Food Service Management:


A very exciting and rewarding career in nutrition and service management is very high in demand. This program will prepare student to learn skills in the field of Nutrition and service management. Considering the increasing level of awareness for healthy life style, a diploma in this field equip student with necessary skill.

Go to any portal and you would find large number of jobs. These include clinical dietician, nutrition instructor, diet technician, supervisor food services and many more. Some of the colleges where you can go for this course are Algonquin College, Brescia University College Ontario, Fanshawe College, Centennial College and many more.

6-Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management:


As more and more people choose to spend their vacation in one or another tourist place, the opportunities in this sector are increasing. There is a increasing demand for the qualified professionals who can handle the ever challenging operation of his highly customer centric industry.

This course is designed to provide communication, managerial and leadership skills which are critical to succeed in this high paying industry. After completion, students can easily get absorbed in Hostel Industry, destination marketing, Tourism operation, convention or conference centers. The two year program in this field is worth pursuing and is highly paying.

7-Diploma in Horticultural Technician:


This is again an in-demand vocational course which leads to good job opportunities in almost every province of Canada. No matter where from you have completed your diploma in horticultural technician, you would always find fairly good number of job openings.

A student can work as horticulture and landscape technician, greenhouse manager, garden or nursery manager, or park or recreational centre manager. Following universities and colleges, among others, offer this course: Durham College, Oshawa, Fanshawe College, KPU Surrey, Niagara College, Niagara, Red River College, Winnipeg.

8-Diploma in Truck and Coach, Motive power Technician:


Among the most demanded diploma courses in Canada this ranks very high in terms of wages and demand. As the transport and truck industry in Canada is booming, so is the demand for the trained and skilled truck, coach and motive power technicians. These courses are in high demand because of larger number of job opportunities. Those who want a course where they have a flair for the working with big machines like trucks, coaches and other large machinery need not to give a second thought.

Apart from the job of a technician, the candidate can even find placement as service manager, service advisor, parts sales and sales representative at fleet, dealerships, truck and coach manufacturer or transit bus operator.

9-Diploma in Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioner (HVAC):


This is another highly popular diploma because of its steady job market. Most of the well known colleges of Canada have this program in their curriculum. Seneca College, Durham College, St Clair College, Centennial College, and many more are providing this diploma.

The course aims to train the candidate in the functioning, installation, repair, maintenance and even sales of heating, refrigeration units. The diploma also provides hands on training, apprenticeships in commercial, residential and industrial units. The above average wages in HVAC field is also one of the reasons of its popularity among various diploma programs.

10-Diploma in Interdisciplinary Therapy assistant:


This is one of the popular diploma courses in Canada that prepares students to be a valuable part of therapeutic team by assisting patients in their rehabilitation and overcoming injuries. The curriculum covers the course in interdisciplinary fields of medical science and therefore offers great job possibilities. Students are placed in hospitals in public and private domain. The following types of jobs are available to the students on completion of their course:

  • Rehabilitation assistance
  • Occupational Therapy assistant
  • Therapy aide and many more.

To reiterate, the diploma courses are gaining more popularity among the students and employers. Most of these courses attract above average salary and are steady in demand. Moreover, their distinct advantage over degree courses makes them very popular among the international students.

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