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Engineering means creating new things which are useful for human life and humans use those things in their daily lives. Engineering means inventing new resources by using natural resources. Our houses in which we live are invented by engineers. Our phones, TVs, laptops that we use are also invented by our engineers. All the vehicles we use, whether it is a car or a tractor, all these vehicles are invented by engineers.Engineering is such a part of science without which nothing can happen in this world. An engineer is required to make even the smallest thing. There is a different branch of engineering to make each thing, like there are computer science engineers to run phones, computers and laptops, there are civil engineers to build houses and buildings, there are mechanical engineers to invent machines and there are electrical engineers for electricity.


Engineering Branches

Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is a branch of engineering in which training is given on how to build and design buildings and big structures. In today's time, there is a huge demand for civil engineers in the market. The job of civil engineers is to design the entire structure of the building and to build the building in a strong manner.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering is a branch of engineering in which electrical engineers are trained to invent new electronic devices such as our transformers, motors, TV, washing machines, electric refrigerators, all these things are created by electrical engineers. It is the job of electrical engineers to provide electricity to every home.

Computer Science Engineering

Computer Science Engineering is a branch of engineering in which the study of making new software is done. The work of computer engineers is to make new games, software apps with the help of programming and coding.In today's modern times, every work is being done with the help of online platforms and the demand for computer science engineers is increasing day by day.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is a branch of engineering in which new machines are created. Mechanical Engineering is the technique and science of designing, developing, and maintaining mechanical systems that run our world. It’s one of the most demanding engineering branches in India.

Aeronautical Engineering

Aeronautical engineering is a branch of engineering in which machines that fly in the air are made, such as the aeroplanes and helicopters that we use as means of transport, all of them are made by our aeronautical engineers.

Artificial Intelligence Engineering

Artificial Intelligence is a branch of engineering that creates machines that work like humans. Artificial Intelligence is a technology with the help of which we can make machines work like humans and think like humans. Artificial Intelligence is one of the well-known technologies in today's time which can think like humans and work like humans. Artificial Intelligence is a technology with the help of which machines are made smart. We give input to machines in the form of programming and machines give us output after completing the task we have given them.

Top Universities and colleges for pursuing Engineering in the USA

  • San Francisco State University
  • California State University
  • western new england university
  • Avila University
  • Illinois University

Admission Requirements for Engineering in the USA

Every country has its own rules and regulations. The eligibility criteria for each course is very different, so we should know everything before taking admission there. To take admission in any branch of engineering in the USA, it is mandatory to have minimum 65% marks in class 12th and 6.5 overall and 6 each marks in IELTS is mandatory.


Career Opportunities after Engineering

After studying engineering, it is very easy to get a good career option because with time the demand for engineers is also increasing because day by day technology is taking a new form and the needs of humans are also increasing. Engineering is a field which is seen in society from a different perspective. A person doing engineering gets a different prestige in society. That person is seen in a different perspective. One can obtain diploma, degree and certification in engineering. If a person does computer science engineering, he can get jobs in big positions like software designer, software developer, web designer, data scientist, and data analyst etc.

How can Cosmo Consultants support you in your engineering journey?

We will provide you all the information related to engineering from beginning to end and will also help you in choosing the branch of engineering according to your interest. Apart from this, we will help you in getting a good score in your IELTS and PTE. Cosmo Consultants has been giving higher bands scores in IELTS and PTE every year. Our students have been selected in big universities and it is our commitment that we do not take any extra charges from any student and whichever university or college the student wishes to go to, we get his admission done in that university.

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