Permanent Residence Status through Canada Express Entry Program


Canada is one of the most developed nations of the world. It is on the ambitious path to take the economy to the next level. The current availability of human resources does not match with that of natural resources. Therefore, the federal government is issuing permanent residence status through Canada Express Entry Program.

Moreover, the federal and provincial governments are devising flexible policies. The aim is to meet the future demand of skilled labors and skilled traders.

A Popular Gateway:


Canada Express entry system is one of the most popular gateways to get Canadian Permanent residence status. This system works to support the need of skilled work force for the growth of Canada Economy. In order to meet the demand of quality work force this system serves as a supply network.

This article will give an over-view on:

  • How this system works
  • Who can apply for PR through this system?
  • What are the sub categories and step-by-step process to apply?

Canada Express Entry Program:

This program works on fortnightly draw and has the following sub categories. As per the eligibility, an aspirant can apply under any one of these sub-categories. The result of the draw is based on the points calculated on comprehensive ranking score (CRS). The Sub-categories are as follows:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)
  • Federal Skilled Trade worker Program (FSTP)
  • Canada Experience Class (CEC)

The last one (CEC) is for those who have gained their higher study degree and work experience in Canada. On the other hand, the other two programs are for those who, based on their trade skill, wish to apply for permanent residence status from outside Canada and want to contribute to the Canadian economy.

Next, an applicant’s minimum points should be 67 for submitting the profile on IRCC . These 100 points are split into the following six parts:

Sr Description Maximum Marks
1 Language proficiency points 28
2 Education Level points 25
3 Work Experience points 15
4 Age points 12
5 Arranged employment in Canada 10
6 Adaptability point 10
Maximum Marks Total Points 100

Please note that these 67 points is the minimum requirement for the applying by profile entry. The draw is based on CRS (total points 1200). And, an invitation to apply (ITA) is issued only to those who clears the minimum cut-off CRS.

The following lines will give a brief account of FSW and FST program.

Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP):


If a candidate’s cut off score are 67 and has a work experience of at least one full year in the NOC code 0 , A or B, he can submit the profile . As per Canadian rules, full year work means 1560 hrs of work. It has an average of 30 hrs per week.

Only paid work is to be counted. Any internship or volunteered program duration will not be considered.

Remember, Just filling the profile does not guarantee the approval for permanent residence status. After submission of profile, the CRS becomes the deciding factor. Further, the applicants get their CRS points out of their core (600) and additional points (600).

And, if the score comes above the cut-off CRS; an invitation to apply (ITA) is issued. It paves the way for uploading all the required documents. The waiting time is about six month which may culminate in the issuance of COPR, a confirmation letter. Now, your wait for the PR is over. Once you receive your PR card you are eligible to work and settle down in Canada.

Federal Skilled Trader Program (FSTP):


Next, this category of Canada Express Entry system is for those who have at least 2 full years of relevant experience. It should be after completion of their certificate course. For this, the work experience should be within the last 5 years.

This program is for the skilled workers like electricians, supervisors, bakers, agriculture farm supervisors and much more.

Though, there is no requirement of any sort of education. But, if you have certificates, diploma or degree it will help. You should get the education credential assessment report from an ICAS agency.

At last, an applicant should arrange a fund of CAD 12960 for the single person. And if you do not have the fund then you must show the offer letter. This should be of full one year job from an Employer of Canada.

Before submitting profile, an applicant has to score minimum 4 pints in CLB (Canadian Language Board).

Besides, the applicant should also declare that this Canadian express entry program is not for Quebec province. This province has its own immigration program.

Once a candidate is sure about the required documents, he may submit his profile with IRCC. Then, a successful submission will put the candidate in a group of other applicants. An applicant receives ITA on the basis of the points of comprehensive ranking system.

At this time, an applicant can upload his documents. Subsequently, a candidate may get a letter of confirmation (COPR) in about 6 month from the submission of the documents.

Federal and Provincial Government:

Canada Express entry program is a well executed program of Federal government. Considering the size and the economic planning of the country; the immigration department is working on flexible plans. This is to meet its requirement of human capital.

Both the federal and provincial authorities are working in tandem with their own programs. The next few years will witness a rise in the immigration to Canada through this program.

Canada Experience Class:


This program is generally for those who have completed their study in Canada. All the overseas students who have at least one year of full time job experience are eligible for this. For more details, also read How to settle down in Canada as an International Student from India

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