Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT)


In the city of Calgary, the one institute that boasts itself as Canada’s first public funded technical institute is Southern Alberta institute of Technology. The institute is more famous as SAIT among the academicians and students.

Like NAIT in Edmonton, SAIT also serve the same purpose. It was established with the goal to match the demand for the trained, skilled workers and supervisors in southern part of Alberta province. Largely due the discovery of crude oil and natural gas in the early years of twentieth century, this Canadian province started to expand its economic activities.

As a result of this, the demand for trained workers in almost every field surged, which created a big gap. It was the year 1916 when government of Alberta established the SAIT to train the skilled workers so that they may contribute towards the economic growth of Alberta.

Today, SAIT is one of the most prestigious institute offering technical, trade and business programs. It ranks among the top 50 colleges of Canada. As a part of Polytechnics Canada, an association of all polytechnic colleges of Canada, SAIT enjoys the regular flow of latest technology.

Why to Study in SAIT


As we have already discussed, SAIT is one of the finest institutes offering technical education programs in Alberta. Here, you would find some of the reasons to choose SAIT as your foreign study destination.

  1. Large number of International Students: When you are in Calgary, SAIT become your first choice because it hosts large number of international students. There are international students from almost 140 countries and the campus offers them most vivid and inclusive atmosphere. A separate yet dedicated international student’s office looks after all their aspirations and ensures a quality educational experience. As a result, it is the natural choice for international students.
  2. The College offers wide range of educational programs for the students. It offers 86 diploma and certificate courses and large number of apprenticeship programs. Most of these programs are based on industry –driven curriculum. The College is famous for its applied education where they put theory into practice. Consequently, Students migrate from college campus to industries quite effortlessly.
  3. The main campus of the college is well connected with C-train and other modes of transportation. There are good options for the students to rent a property nearby the campus. Most of the international students prefer to stay off campus because of their part time job requirements and the rented locations offer much needed choice in terms of partners and food.
  4. SAIT is also known for its sports and extracurricular activities. The college knows it well that a well rounded personality can serve the society and economy quite well. For that, the institute encourages students to partake in volunteer activities, community services, and various sports activities.

Departments/ Faculties at SAIT:

As a matter of fact, the College has nine departments with very talented and highly experienced faculty to impart best education experience to their students.

  • MacPhail School of Energy
  • School of Business
  • School of Construction
  • School of Health and Public Safety
  • School of Hospitality and Tourism
  • School of Information and Communications Technologies
  • School of Manufacturing and Automation
  • School of Transportation
  • School for Advanced Digital Technology

SAIT College Campuses

Apart from the main campus, SIAT has number of small yet dedicated centers and campuses that support a particular trade. All these campuses are located at places most suitable to the students.

  • Mayland Heights – Located on Centre Avenue, this facility supports students pursuing a career in auto body, crane and hoisting, recreation vehicle servicing, electrical, and plumbing and rail.
  • Culinary Campus – Situated on Stephen Avenue, it provides baking basics and cooking fundamentals. The Culinary Campus also acts as a marketplace, selling food to the general public.
  • Art Smith Aero Centre – Occupying 17 acres of land at the Calgary International Airport, this campus supports the School of Transportation.
  • Crane and Ironworker Facility –This facility is in 10490 72 St SE, this 2,812 m2 (30,270 sq ft) it has a fully functioning crane maintenance shop, a yard with boom trucks and mobile cranes and crane simulators. This campus serves the students opting the relevant course.
  • The Taste market by SAIT – The address for this facility is 444 7 Ave SW, The Taste market is a downtown urban eatery and learning environment.

To sum up, SAIT technical institute represents the quality and commitment of Canadian education system. Since its establishment, this institution has been meeting the aspirations of the provincial economy as well as of the students. Today Calgary can boast to house one of the finest educational institutes of Canada. SAIT has become the symbol of excellence and outstanding education experience.

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