Step-by-Step process to study in Australia


For study abroad aspirants, Study in Australia comes as a leading destination, for it offers the quality education along with exceptional living experience. The education system in Australia is world famous for the standard they develop for higher studies. Their emphasis on research and applied part makes Australian education system more competitive around the world. This piece of writing would cover the step-by-step process to Study in Australia.

Check the eligibility to study in Australia:


Before we kick-start the process to study in Australia, the first and foremost requirement is to check if you meet out the minimum requirement. So, just have a look at the following requirements:

Your passport must be valid for the whole duration of your study in Australia.

You should have valid IELTS band score at the time of applying your study visa.

The third but most important point is you should have proof of finance that is proof of fund in your bank account that can convince the visa officer during the decision making time.

If you meet these three basic requirements, you may move forward to achieve your study abroad dreams.

Step-by-step process to Study in Australia:

Research on Courses and Universities:


As an overseas education aspirant, you would have explored number of courses and universities through the internet. Knowing what course interest you more and what its employment prospects are very important.

Obviously, Australia has quite a large number of universities and some have specialization on one course or another. Therefore, in order to narrow down on a particular course in the particular university, you need to explore it and zero in.

Apply to a University:

Next, once it is over with the course and university, you may now contact an experienced and profession study visa consultant. A detailed discussion and understanding from the experience entity may help you to make informed decision. Now you are ready to apply to the university opting for your favorite course.

In fact, Australian system allow an international student to apply either directly, or thorough a university representative or through an authorized agent. Thus, it is up to you to decide with path to chose. This process would bring you closer to the completion of step one that is getting your confirmation of enrollment or CoE. In order to get your CoE you should accept the university offer letter in writing and need to submit the tuition fee as per the selected course.

Collect the documents in electronic form for study Visa:


The next step after getting confirmation of enrollment (CoE) is the collect all necessary documents in e forms. Then,g med 3e you may start your process to apply for your study visa. The following documents must be ready before you start login process.

  1. Your CoE
  2. The electronic form of Passport
  3. Health insurance from an authorized health insurance firm
  4. You need to prepare for the proof of your temporary stay in Australia. During your study visa paper work, this document is quite important as it shows that your stay in Australia would be only for the study period only. For this you need to submit the copy of your local employer and colleges that support you claim of temporary stay there.

Besides these papers you also need some more documents during your application for study visa process:

  • An id proof to support such as Birth certificate
  • Bank statement to show as proof of fund
  • The proof of language proficient. You may submit TRF of your IELTS result.
  • Criminal record checklist will require to upload
  • If you are an employee, then proof of employment.

Apply to Study Visa:

Next step after collection of necessary documents is to apply online your visa. As this is a crucial step, study visa application process should be with the help of an experienced consultant. International students apply visa under subclass 500. Here you need to bear in mind that you should apply at least 124 days before the start of your course. The CoE contains the details of the course and starting date.

Here you should submit your nationality, family details, personal details such as education, previous employment, information about health and criminal record and much more.

At last of this step you should pay the visa fee. The visa fee is generally paid by the credit card. Once you are done with the fee and you submit the documents, this step of study visa gets completed.

Visa Interview and Health Checkup:


Australian system has devised certain mechanism. Under which, if you are going to Australia from a particular geographical area, you may be asked to go for the health check up at the authorized medical centers. This would also be mandated by visa interview.

So, when you fill up your visa application, at the end, you would be informed that when should you go for medical test and for visa interview.

Getting Study Visa and Preparing for Australia:

Next, as you receive your study visa , you may now get ready to move to Australia. How much time does it take to visa approval depends on how busy the immigration authorities are. On an average, it takes about 2 weeks for visa approval. Australian embassy approve visa in electronic form and if you need a hard copy of the same, you can get it printed.

Preparing to fly to Australia:


This is one of the last steps, towards your process for study in Australia that you need to be careful about. After successful receiving of visa, just get ready and start preparation. Such as, the clothes you will need, the kitchen utensils you would require, toiletries and medicines that you would need. Make a list of the documents you would need at the time you lend in Australia.

Please bear in mind, all these steps to study in Australia are easy if we get these steps completed through an experienced study visa consultant. Therefore, we should be careful that any mistake during visa filing process could delay the decision or even lead to rejection.

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